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Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Twitter 10-23-2010

I think we should start a new tradition of giving each other scary books on Hallowe'en. We need more reasons to give books. #NeedsACoolName
@Songwind beautiful! I listen to the Zelazny audiobook.
I'll send a signed copy of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK to the person who comes up with the best name for give-someone-a-scary-book-on-Hallowe'en. RT
@SamLeighD not to worry.
@docbrite still are.
@amandapalmer if it gets to Day Three I'm buying a carrier pigeon.
RT yay! @idrake76: This new reprint of the 1st Sandman volume is like reading it for the 1st time all over again. The colors are so amazing.
@MercuryRed thank you! I hope they like them!
@Shiniholum yup. Collected in Four ABSOLUTE SANDMAN volumes.
Thanks for all the amazing (3000+) suggestions for a name for Give-Someone-a-Scary-Book-On-Hallowe'en. Will announce a winner tonight.
@DerekShebby I don't control/own Sandman, so all format questions have to be addressed to @Dccomics
Just realised Patrick Rothfuss is on panels at next weekend's Low Key Gathering at House on the Rock: #HotR
A reminder about the KGB raffle -- amazing prizes from William Gibson & many others (like me) -
@Faeryfaye It's not possible to read all of them. But I do my best.
@crazy_brit the magic of accidental plane meetings.
@kimmi_page I am. Say hullo to them from me.
@FuckUChelios it's the reprinted paperbacks, that use the absolutes colouring.
@sakuralovestea Sure:
While I'm tallying and deciding, here's Claudia Gonson singing a 1960s grumpy vampire love song I wrote for her:
RT @CaraMcKeller: A new Halloween tradition for us, @neilhimself 's reading of his Graveyard Book.
Looks like I crushed the Claudia Gonson song with a #neilwebfail. Sorry. Here's the Hype Machine link. Click on Play:
I just figured out what the official link to the song is: Claudia Gonson sings Neil Gaiman's Bloody Sunrise at @hypem
@JAMarton I really do like that... Probably not the winner but lovely.
@morrildl nice one...
@TheCraningGap that's really good... Not quite though...
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY A Modest Proposal (that doesn't actually involve eating anyone): posted by... WARNING:Contains me
100s of suggestions from 1000s of people. Hated to choose, but... it's ALL HALLOW'S READ. 60 People suggested it, but @yhop was the first.
@vivbot192 Oh good!
@DrawFour so glad you agree!
@yhop I'm following you: DM me the address you want your Graveyard Book to go to, and if you want it signed to you or someone else.
@Whogaterscape you and 60 other people...
@ArtfulMagpie I could edit that into the blog. I thought about mentioning librarians, but then thought, you don't GIVE library books...
@rachelekolb brilliant! What's the link?
@steph_spencer21 it doesn't have to be to trick or treaters. Just give someone a spooky book.

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