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Saturday, October 23, 2010

From Twitter 10-22-2010

@heybaccho Really? I guess you could find a few panels with more blues, but I think you'd have to push it. Can you post examples?
@cleolinda, what's the best site to link to for the Emily eye auction, and when would my linking do the most good?
Big wet fluffy congrats to World Fantasy Award Lifetime Achievement winners Brian Lumley @terryandRob & @PeterStraubNYC
@heybaccho Ah. So what you're saying is, one of the new panels has some blue and orange in?
@kristenelliott seems to offer at least 7 different pronounciations for Czernobog...
@thejillthompson I think you should wear your Zatanna costume.
@PollySamson Goodnight Polly from 9 time zones away.
@serifinaxxx Hullo Serafine. It is. I played it on stage with the Boston Pops last new year's ever.
Goodnight world. Goodnight Monkey. Goodnight Pigsy. Goodnight Horse-who-is-secretly-a-dragon. Goodnight Sandy. Goodnight Tang monk.
@cleolinda okay. Could you remind me? I don't want to forget.
RT @chankfonts: we painted a short story on a wall in St. Paul using my fonts. Thought y'all might like it:
@RevFenian you are welcome!
@FashoBro88 how many nipples does she have?
@pspicerwensley Nope. She was extremely beautiful.
RT @shelfmagazine: @neilhimself The #fridayreads group would love an answer to their burning question: what are you and your tweeps reading?
By my bed at home, MARY ANN IN THE AUTUMN by @armisteadmaupin. On the Kindle, rereading JOURNEY TO THE WEST by Wu Cheng'En. #Fridayreads
@forbrukerombud same as it ever was. I don't want to see a bad one.
RT @joe_hill: Every time someone posts a #fridayreads, a librarian somewhere sheds a happy tear of liquid gold & a lucky rainbow appears ...
Just did an hour long NPR interview about everything and The House on the Rock Hallowe'en weekend #lowkeygathering
@garyhalpin ...which one was Romana again?
@SmilyLibrarian it's a quote from my Carnegie medal speech. So, no. But I don't think people can authorise quotes.
@dslenz we knew you'd say that.
@small_town it works for me.
@amandapalmer I loveyou even if your phone got toileted.
RT @indywoodFILMS: click here: & look around our #72HourTweetathon page, watch my video, wa & then pls back us & DONATE
@MotleyHippie RTd. Don't say I never did anything etc.
For the curious the Public Radio interview with me from this morning is at (the 10 am show) #HotR
Just traded ipods with the man in the seat next to me. He is listening to @amandapalmer and I am listening to his son
@bethofalltrades I had sworn a mighty oath to cut down on my followings. But I am following @turnitdowndude
@lordemacaco actually yes. Sort of smart Jazz fusion.
Testing the new #neilwebfail shortener/mirror thing: here's a link to @PennJillette's Amazing Lady-Pleasuring Invention:
Just learned that the Super Pilots have their own website: You can download their EP for free. #iPodSwap

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