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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From Twitter 10-19-2010

@amandapalmer That's better than my idea.
@Jordanolstead I'm glad I inspired you to write. Sorry about that: given the crowds at SDCC, I need to keep moving to get to panels on time.
@AnnieDuke When they start wondering where @ArmisteadMaupin disappeared to, I hope they do not check your twitter feed for clues, Annie.
@bonesai beautiful!
I saw & loved an advance of my ARTHUR episode today. @maddyg44 giggled when "Neil Gaiman" was on & spotted the places I rewrote my dialogue.
RT @CCMCcom: Vote to give this idea 250K: Create a model sustainable urban neighborhood to educate our community #pepsirefresh http://pe ...
@Paul_Cornell is that US sign language or UK sign language?
@NancyHightower oh. Damn. Is that the time?
@EuclidianBoxes stoke newington and highgate west.
@aesmael where was it shown?
@Blueskyfox only a little more than in a normal episode of Arthur.
@mothdust they are in the US. In the UK they are still working out rights issues.
RT @tomdickins: To anyone who missed it: WE NEED YOU! To sing on the @theJAargument 's debut EP - for details: plea ...
Good morning! @WoodsmanHans just walked in with a 5 lb Maitake Mushroom ( ). Any great maitake soup recipes out there?
Breakfast was fresh maitake mushroom cooked with brown rice and eggs. Wonderful. (Tried some maitake raw and not a fan: it tasted soapy.)
@AlexMorse yes and not that I remember.
Over at you can watch a great short film of Kim Newman's What If story Ubermensch.
@cyrilwood I love the Martin Jarvis read of GOOD OMENS
Realms of Fantasy closes its pages, alas. I was in the first issue. (Anyone want to become a magazine publisher for $1?
Buggerdamnblastandsoddit. Another #neilwebfail. Sorry - I killed it.
For now, here's a link to the Locus news story, which should be resilient:
@wilw Hang on, Wil. I thought I was replacing you. Oh, right.
@olganunes @danguyf Good idea.
Hurrah! My fabulous assistant @fablor is home from her Irish holiday! Now we shall drink tea!
@TNBBC that's the wonderful @zoecello
@thegirlwithabow Sure! Hullo Erica Hateley. Keep on teaching...
@Urrealism She is the best. I hope she forgives you one day. In the meantime, am plotting the most unlikely ways that $20 can reach you.
@tomdickins you are wlecome.
@aesmael I knew you were living in the future there.
@ratkins If it were me, buying a hardback would also give you a free ebook and audiobook.
@GinaGlenn seen it. really liked it.

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