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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From Twitter 10-18-2010

@OfficiallyMRS have you given them any spectacularly bad advice so far?
@ArmisteadMaupin I'm loving the book, and the mugshot is excellent!
Congratulations @birdchick! See for why...
@mordantkitten in a blog? Go for it. We frown on souvenir dishtowels though.
@xLanceHorne Are you going to be in San Francisco for the Dresden Dolls New Year's show? Armistead and Chris will be there as my guests.
RIP BenoƮt B. Mandelbrot of Fractal fame (who would've had an Alan Moore graphic novel named after him, but declined)
@Keromaru5 good luck!
@LiberatumGlobal she's FabulousLorraine (at) - and is back at work from Wednesday
@oodkind not without publicising it to about 3 million followers.
@RobertUThomason I've managed about 50 years so far.
Just got home from too much travelling: a set of amazing-looking preserves from @chezpim waiting for me. I love Twitter. Thank you Pim!
@PGFxine sounds about right.
RT @dlwendel:,46424/ gotta agree with @neilhimself: fi ...
At @amandapalmer comments/expands on something I said in the giant Vulture interview (
@waidr good idea
Reminder: On Nov 2nd in Austin Tx at w00tstock, I replace @wilw. (Not that anyone can replace @wilw.) Ticket info at
@sfstagewalker I know both and have not yet trimmed anyone, Dan.
@hippofairy it does!
Daughter and dog. So good to be home.
Just me and @maddyg44
@chaosaltar because the orange tells hunters that they aren't deer... - @am_klaafe, no, that's Cabal. And yes, he's thinner. But he's walking again, and really happy I'm home.
@OffBeatMammal we are less likely to dash off madly into the woods past drunk hunters.
@joefulgham great photo!
@MiaNorthman you did. Happy Birthday anyway.
@Lois2037 so am I. More than I can say.
@delbius whoo. That was a day.
@verabee one day you have to illustrate something I write. Or we'll do a print. Or something.
@dharma_punx yup, @verabee storyboarded much of CORALINE
@violinen Oh good.

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