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Monday, October 18, 2010

From Twitter 10-17-2010

@strombo best weekend ever.
@AndrewM138 beautiful
@Urrealism Ah, love is cheap in this part of the world. $20 can buy you anything...
@Sparahann yes, thank you.
That was the most amazing three days. Like Christmas and all your birthdays happening at once, only with people not gifts. #campfire
@vybouytuazon you are too kind.
@loopsnake obviously
@Ginnna the people.
@Marjorie73 you are welcome!
In Albuquerque airport about to fly home. Carrying a signed advance copy of Armistead Maupin's MARY ANN IN AUTUMN. Happy.
I hum: "He brings the orphans Christmas turkey. He flew my asthmatic son to Albuquerque. When the world's moral standards grow murky..."
@MsClara I cannot wait!
@theEndless I think they are boarding now. Damn.
@Lisa725 I was always a fan of the writer and now I adore the man too.
@tara_oshea I think you are the only one so far.
@fablor But. But. But. How will this work? Perhaps I shall pretend you are dead.
@jesskat3 you could have done. I would not have minded.
@karoly_chan if I ever think of a story as good as the first.
@WoodsmanHans are there still bees?
@jesskat3 next time! And happy birthday.
@amandapalmer sounds like the sort of bitter generalisation that just makes a grumpy person grumpier.
@amandapalmer also, I love and miss you. See you on Hallowe'en.
@kajjajja I do now.
Just alerted to the fact that @Armisteadmaupin is on the Twitter. (I'm 90 pages into MARY ANN IN AUTUMN & already sad it's going to end.)
@AmoAmmo but now we tell EVERYONE.
@BrendanCByrne don't think so. I didn't read it until all 4 books were out...
@NancyHightower I'll try to persuade him.
@TamHickey very wonderful.
@Void50 Glad to have suggested it!
@ArmisteadMaupin And I'm loving the book! (Now you must get a photo of yourself up on your Twitter account.)
@brooligan I've got to know, Steve... what was the quote? (PS. waving.)
Finally! It's coming out!
@SamLeighD I bet I was a very disappointing comedian.
@indykitty great!
Just up on video: Eddie Campbell, Shaun Tan & I talk about ideas at the Sydney opera house:
@TrishaBabbitt I think mostly from reading a lot, and from looking up words I didn't understand.

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