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Saturday, October 9, 2010

From Twitter 10-08-2010

@widowing Afraid not.
@mariacelis you were the perfect hostess.
@vbgeek it will creep up on you.
@falldogblue I can't wait to read the interviews (except for mine).
@Joannechocolat I just realised we could have had breakfast or something. I leave for Boston in 80 minutes. Damn.
@mmaddencomics @mariacelis @jccabel @luckygab @radiomaru Waving at everybody. Thanks for a great evening.
@BillCorbett Swiss drug lord and/or Colombian chocolatier would be much more impressive, Bill.
@MaryGaughan that's good to know. I'm looking forward to seeing it. @pbskids
@MikeGray0 @BillCorbett or cocaine flavoured Toblerones.
There's a huge interview with @DaveMcKean over at
@HCAuctionsUK Best thing is to go straight to my assistant, @fablor
The limo from hotel to station did not come. I got a taxi. Now I fear that a worried limo driver is out there looking for me #englishguilt
@ivyratafia different flavours Ivy.
On the train. I decided that the missing limo driver, disillusioned with limo driving will now become a great humanitarian. #guiltassuaged
@datadivajf all yours.
@KP_Pearl you are welcome. And thanks for getting Sandman out there.
The lady with too much plastic surgery in the seat opposite me is on the phone to her psychic. Should she become a writer? she asks him.
@olganunes so do I
@BadAstronomer I am mostly wondering why the plastic surgery. She looks like a latex caricature.
@LaneyBothmann she hasn't done anything except read her magazine and play with her phone in the last hour though.
@MorboKat I thought about it, but it seemed like an invasion of privacy.
@krisrudin real life.
@LaneyBothmann hugey-huge lips, taut cheeks and chin, old old old neck.
@VagabondGuitar I'm not snarky. Half amused half amazed.
@randomtweeting no. I am too English.
@PauljGarth not at all. People run into me at Minneapolis airport all the time.
RT @esisogah: We're giving away some @neilhimself books (and others) at the EOS/@avonbooks Booth at #nycc
@GermanCityGirl Not really.
@Sam__Weller HUGE GRIN
RT @tordotcom: Neil Gaiman talks BEST AMERICAN COMICS in Union Square! Full report here w/@neilhimself, @radiomaru, @luckygab & more! ht ...
@hollyherself I'm with @hayleycampbelly on this. Go to bed. Love you.
@scottcrussell I didn't even know Sandman wasn't coming out any longer on the iPad. You must talk to @comiXology or @DCcomics.
Just read an email from a product placement company seeking to place their products in my novels. My jaw is dropped. It's wronger than wrong
Shadow craved soup. Not just any soup, but the warming goodness of Botney's Cream of Turnip Soup, in a man-sized can for man-sized men...
@sexualcabinetry No products listed. A general deal. I sign on, they let me know what to include. Brrrrrrrrr.
@Radlein yup
We should've hashtagged this. Some of the funniest things coming in right now at!/search/neilhimself #bookplugs
@VagabondGuitar So wrong. #bookplugs
@TempleofAnubis I like the Writers Guild, and am happy to pay my Union Dues.
RT @debreese: @neilhimself Thanks, Neil, for addressing "few dead Indians." In turn, I, too, did a follow up:
@debreese Sorry it took so long. I wanted to give it the attention it deserved, & ensure that there was no repeat of last time's pile-up.
@kylecassidy beautiful!
@Authorandeditor it was an agency, not a brand.
@SteveKLord My guests are running 20 minutes late (traffic) so I'll wander over then...
RT @JeriDansky RT @stevesilberman: Uh oh: What a scientist didn't tell the NYT about his study on bee deaths -
@Authorandeditor it was an agency not a product.

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