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Sunday, October 10, 2010

From Twitter 10-09-2010

@Maupertus As far as I know, it doesn't happen yet. But there are people trying to make it happen.
@Jazminlee23 that's wonderful!
@waichizzle for this trip, yes. But it is always nice to hear.
@nataliefisher not yet. It may be on a YouTube video somewhere of a reading.
This weekend @neverwear gets married, and @fablor goes on holiday, two very unusual things.
If you are wondering what to get @Neverwear as a wedding present, buy a print from her (that benefits the @CBLDF) like
While Fabulous Lorraine @fablor can be encountered at OCTOCON in Dublin ( & wandering Ireland
@Brendazzle_ Just remember that Dream and Apollo were often confused (as in Augustus) and it will straighten itself out.
@nataliefisher check out Do not know why they aren't listed at WWW.CBLDF.COM though.
@amandapalmer You should not be napping. You should be waiting for a train. I miss you too.
@small_town via @fablor
@amandapalmer you mean, while I was virtuously leaving you alone to nap, you were asking me not to? In a tweet that took 15 hours to post?
@Matt_Troedson It's more complicated this time, as I am on the road. I will cope somehow.
If you're in Brooklyn/NY there're tickets left for @amandapalmer tonightwebcast @MEOWtopia @ZoeBoekbinder @BitterRuin
@amandapalmer Are you telling me that @jesus_christ wants you to nap alone?
@bkokc00 Feel vaguely uncomfortable plugging a link to get something onto Oprah. Fundraising or direct action tends to get me to link or RT
@bkokc00 I understand, and good luck with it. If it turns into something more than getting it onto a TV show let me know & I'll happily RT.
@emfail Probably July 9th 2011. Unless we elope. Or decide to live in sin forever.
@amandapalmer I prefer all the Song of Solomon stuff re your breasts are like fawns & grapes to the Thou Shalt Not Nap Together bible bits.
@quantumchemist 1) No. 2) I don't know what that means. 3) Not like my friends who are atheists are.
@birdchick you geekchick, you.
@bellmaison it is magical and oracular.
@amandapalmer even more mysterious : that tweet has now vanished completely.
@bellmaison at that point it is being Deep.
@Comixace you make me so happy not to be there.
@evanier are you completely certain?
RT @thingsgretasays: When I grow up I'm NOT going to be a baddy!
@ayeletw I hope you do. How was the WHO stuff received?
@katkat85 I think I just made it up.
Writing a blog about assistants in my hotel room, I noticed that the House on the Rock has more AMERICAN GODS packages
@jjpm32 go to and look for the journal....
@phdaisy thank you! @fablor
@ayeletw Oh good. (Glow.)
Blogged, shaved, put posh frock on. This will be the wedding of the season.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Personal Assistants and Why I am lucky: posted by Neil

I have amazing ass... WARNING:Contains me
Oh the perils of autoposted blog things. I have amazing assistants. Not, um, what it truncated as.
@diannagraf it's pretty average.
@amandapalmer imagine?
Drew and Kitty listen to the speeches and toasts. It's a beautiful wedding.
RT @amandapalmer: if you're watching the webcast, SPREAD THE LINK with your own words!! do it.
Am at wedding. Am not watching But I bet it's brilliant.
The happy couple.

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