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Friday, October 8, 2010

From Twitter 10-07-2010

@TashaRobinson I did. It's brilliant.
"It Gets Better" at http:/ tells LGBT kids that it won't always be hard, school ends, bullying stops. A Good Thing.
@Tunescape thanks! I'll try and remember that.
@librarythingtim yup.
In addition to there's also giving youth "tools they need to make their lives better"
Plugging @xLanceHorne's Kickstarter project at He's an amazing musician & the nicest person.
@diveabout... Happy Birthday! (Yes @mauidrilon put me up to it.)
@ayeletw I think you bombed Joyce's mind. Hypothetical bedbugs will haunt her forever now.
Mario Vargas Llosa awarded Lit Nobel for "cartography of structures of power". I'd like the Nobel people better if it was for "Great Books".
(And congrats to Mario Vargas Llosa, who does write great books.)
@sessan wow. I'm speechless.
@joshneufeld you are welcome. And me too.
@spacedlawyer you didn't read the next tweet?
@joestanton I'm not. I think the Nobel prize for literature should be for literature. And mostly it's not.
In a strange grey mood then I saw this: . Now feeling a mess of joyful & unworthy. Such nominees, and I'm there too.
@Domical I'm ridiculously happy to be nominated and do not expect to even have a chance at winning, so I will treasure the time until March.
@KatWithSword do it!
RT @Jodyth: @neilhimself @birdchick Honeybee Killer Found by Army and Entomologists -
Rumours that tonight's B&N Union Square signing for YEARS BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2010 was cancelled were due to software error. It's still on.
@briolson is true.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Big Blog on a train: posted by Neil

Another strange week.Not, by any mean... WARNING:Contains me
@greygirlbeast got it!
@Mekebra nope.
I love bad old dinosaur theme parks:
My favourite sad dinosaur park, the former Bongoland in Florida:
At b&n union square for the BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2010 event and signing tonight.
The view.
@Joannechocolat you are in new York?
@vbgeek utter twaddle from beginning to end.

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