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Thursday, October 7, 2010

From Twitter 10-06-2010

@gogalucky It was great to meet you and @Ben_small
It's suddenly a wet, cold autumn. I just turned on the heating here for the first time in 6 months, and everything smells like burning dust.
@BillCorbett Probably Satan. Put out food that Satans like, and if it's gone, that means it's definitely a Satan.
@JanineHJones none at all. Wet and cold. The vengeance of the Rain Gods stretches across the wide atlantic ocean.
@richjohnston It's more like an embodiment of an idea is very hard to kill. But the Who analogy is probably useful.
In which I am accurately quoted about the (possible Doctor Who Spoiler), and Coraline too:
Hair just shortened by a proper barber, with 40s music playing all through. Photo in the rain by @amandapalmer.
RT @Cylithria: @neilhimself would you please retweet about our efforts to raise money for breast cancer at www. @boobiet ...
You can see the barber and the haircutting process over at Or not. I'm easy.
I don't think my hair is quite as short as it looks in That might be the rain. We will see. & it will grow again.
@holyfuckme I'll bear that in mind...
@JasonBaki It's the Daily Mail. That's what they are. Always.
@_oceanchild because it was getting in my eyes.
@battledinosaur as a journalist.
@G_times exactly
@BitterRuin where are you two on Friday?
RT @BitterRuin: TOMORROW @amandapalmer and @BitterRuin play at OBERON, BOSTON:
@Tiresias23 same @bitterruin

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