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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Twitter 10-05-2010

RT @jonathanwakeham: @GreatDismal Emo rioters: "What do we want? Freedom! When do we want it? When's good for you?"
RT @GestaltMash: Latest Sandman Meditations now up! @melikhovo contines his way through @neilhimself's Dollhouse in "Playing House" ht ...
@strag2001 Five hours long.
@DrWhoExpert @strag2001 but it was ten half hour episodes. Oh, TV half hours. Right.
@marcusbrig what kind of cake?
@marcusbrig I think it should be a VERY BIG CAKE you can also live in. But only if you're married.
@leolauria that's wonderful.
Louise Brooks' private journals to be released...
@matthewebel if I didn't sit down and write I didn't eat.
@bdjsb7 some beautiful photos there! @CynthVonBuhler @AmandaPalmer @NeilHimself
@leverus See? You were cool enough.
@pete_darby Really? What are you going to do it for?
@pete_darby Well, I can tell you it's okay just this once and you could print out this tweet. It's from a verified account.
@leverus You look like you are about to condemn us to the shark pit (in #NoMsPalmerIExpectYouToDie
@Hinsel Perhaps nobody told that bull that Mythbusters had proved he wouldn't cause any damage...
@pacrozier You must google harder: or
@jeremyfritsche That's great!
RT @FunnyShorts: Just a reminder: @neilhimself is the key to a happy marriage: Wouldn't you agree, @amandapalmer?

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