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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Twitter 10-04-2010

@DoctorWho_Daily possibly worth noting that the "quotes" are paraphrases of what I said. (Ie I didn't say friend or plot.)
@SFXmagazine I should point out those are remembered paraphrases of what I said, not accurate quotes.
@CynthVonBuhler, for the record, you hold the world's best parties. Nobody else even comes close.
@AliLuminescent you were great!
DR WHO SPOILERS? good report but I said "take up a plot point" from the WAR GAMES, not "steal a plot". Big difference.
Ah. Another #neilwebfail. Sorry. Sometimes the internet is a China Shop, and I am bovine.
@amandapalmer I love you. Wonderful photo but my nose is enormous.
I know. @Mythbusters proved that bulls in china shops are astonishingly careful not to break anything & appreciate fine Dresden porcelain.
Now people have to stop sending me "mythbusters disproved that one" tweets. That's so 25 minutes ago.
Web Site to protest (&, I hope, stop) Donald Trump forcing people off rural Scottish land to build a golf course
@auntiep you do know that protest is a transitive and intransitive verb, don't you?
@_TMFC_ I'm done with hints now. But you may want to avoid my PRODUCTION NOTES in Dr Who Magazine.
RT @tbskyen: I was sending "mythbusters disproved that one"-tweets to @neilhimself before it got all *mainstream* #twitterhipster
@auntiep Not at 140 characters.
@WExpressShow you mean a sort of Mythbusterbusters?
In real life, it is not a good thing for a Bull to be in a china shop. China was destroyed. The bull, alas, was shot:
At dinner. We plan the coming year on the tablecloth.

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