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Saturday, October 2, 2010

From Twitter 10-01-2010

LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Banned Books and Ig Nobels: posted by Neil

It's BANNED BOOKS WEEK!Would y... WARNING:Contains me
Some @Kambrieldesign screenshots of @EvelynEvelyn and me at the #ignobels last night at
@writerJack I do not think I have any channels.
RT @wawoodworth: Dear @neilhimself: Today is #followalibrary day on Twitter. Plz inform the masses to follow their local library. Thanks.
@Bobby_BlazeRH87 pretty much. If it were fictional it would be better shaped.
@amandapalmer you will do brilliantly. I made the train safely...
A few copies left of Mythic Delirium with Rhysling winner In the Astronaut Asylum & my Rhysling nom poem Conjunctions:
@Bobby_BlazeRH87 traditional shapes are always implied.
Possibly the greatest photo in human history. Or not. Me, 4 Nobel laureates, and the amazing safety bra
RT @paulandstorm: #w00tstock Boston (10/31) and Austin (11/2) tickets now on sale:
@deadmanjones I had help.
This BookDrum visual annotation for THE GRAVEYARD BOOK might be useful for teachers and readers:
RT @bethofalltrades: New blog from last night. Please RT/repost/fwd! We're looking for a Housemate! http://bethofalltrades.livejournal.c ...
Oops.Charlie is @coollike not coolove. But you knew that.
RT @EarzWithFeet: 1 in 6 Latinas will be raped. Help RAINN expand bilingual services help @RAINN01 win $250K Plz RT
And here is the not mobile version of @coollike's video for @benfolds' song "Saskia Hamilton"
@rbaguley not something you get to write every day.
@fairuza I already did, Ru. Such a good cause.
@lediva and I was very grateful.

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