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Friday, October 1, 2010

From Twitter 09-30-2010

RT I am amazed & know not what to say. @vampandora: This is hilarious. Want to gaze at @neilhimself?
@Bishkebab very true.
@benmorrisillo but they had normal human legs. Am convinced Karen's end somewhere above her head.
@OnyxWitch you are so welcome. Happy birthday.
@buckycore just odd. Not something I can take seriously.
@amandapalmer it really was bliss. And you are the only person who can get me to dance.
@readingwench now you've confused me.
@CKHBFiction great photo!
@dezrah You are so welcome! Hope I get to watch you perform for the line some night.
@pj_ They are all available on the Kindle in the US. In the UK the publisher is still sorting out rights issues.
@sarahwarning congratulations to you and @hershutterdream . Where do I send the footage?
@dezrah I'll be by on the 8th for the late show. Are you doing both shows?
I 've finished my speech for tonight's IgNobels. Have made it short & scientifical. Now to leave cafe and read it to guinea-pig fiancee.
@MARIADAHVANA he does! Check out
@sarahwarning even easier. It is at
@martymankins wow.
It's #bannedbooksweek -- and I just learned that Sandman is the #1 Frequently Challenged graphic novel:
@joe_hill exactly.
RT @joe_hill: @neilhimself That's because it's dirtydirtyperverteddirtynasty like to look hate to look burnitburnitburnit. Dirty.
Only 2% of writers make their living as writers. In contrast, 100% of bacteria make their living as bacteria. #isitawriterorbacteria
Motile bacteria wiggle, glide, flagellate or twitch. Writers reproduce sexually, or at least think about sex a lot. #isitawriterorbacteria
Bacteria do not wear hats. If it is wearing a hat it might be a writer. #isitawriterorbacteria
@bstiteler I think you're excluding the huge Jewish or Islamic writer population, and the bacteria that live on soap, from your calculations
RT @BillCorbett: .@neilhimself Bacteria are single celled organisms. Writers are organisms that should be confined to a single cell. #is ...
RT @Mugsyface: @neilhimself Bacteria have vacuoles. Writers have tupperware filled with leftovers from their mothers. #isitawriterorbacteria
RT @clauaviles: @neilhimself There are definitely no vaccines against writers. #isitawriterorbacteria
@M_Dow you are welcome.
@MaluBVargas It's bits that are not in my speech.
@lediva Nope. Just using up bits that were surplus to 24/7 requirements.
RT @BadAstronomer: They live in warm, dark, damp places and emit toxins. #isitawriterorbacteria [@neilhimself]
RT @Robell74: @neilhimself If you leave food lying around it attracts both bacteria and writers. That doesn't really help, sorry. #isita ...
RT @redsonika: @neilhimself Having lived with both, it's my experience that bacteria are more likely to own furniture. #isitawriterorbac ...
Sometimes #bannedbooksweek brings good news too. LOST GIRLS has been deemed legal in the UK and Canada:
@sarahwarning it's in a dropbox, so just save it, and let me know when you've got it...
For anyone who thought I was making up the Free Lemony Snicket Ice Cream on Saturday: is the whole story
RT @michellewitte: I'm going to be completely honest: If I don't get $2,000 by tomorrow, FIRE PETAL BOOKS WILL BE FORCED TO CLOSE. http: ...
@shotbykim two, I think.
All the front row seats say NOBEL LAUREATE. Except one. Ulp.
RT @amandapalmer: the ig Nobel is going to be webcasting live in HD with four cameras!! starts in about 15 minutes at
Oops. I think amandapalmer got the wrong. Hang on.
RT @BostonPhoenix: Weird Science: the Ig Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony 2010 #laserorgy
THIS should work to watch the ig Nobels about to go on. Expect fun. And science.
RT @tadjemiii: @neilhimself Ig Nobels on their youtube channel :)
This is actually amazingly cool. #ignobels
@dfiguer yes
@01_gav yay
RT for science though @olganunes: @neilhimself Plus you had a bra on your face! :)
RT @YouTube The Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony -- themed "Bacteria" -- is live right now:
@FuckUChelios probably
For Science!
Even more For Science! #ignobels
@tsokolov you're welcome!

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