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Sunday, October 3, 2010

From Twitter 10-02-2010

Mr Chabon and Ms Smith being photogenic.
At #tnyfest with zadie smith and Michael Chabon. Zadie is reading.
@njv2442 I do not know.
@DrLabRatOry I told him.
@PollySamson will do. But I think I am in Austin TX on the 2nd...
@anandapalmer Flickr
@sethomatik will do!
Lots of people pointed out that there is no @anandapalmer and that I probably meant to send that bra on head photo tweet to @amandaplamer.
RT hurrah @michellewitte: WE DID IT! short version: Thank you all so so so much. see here for longer version:
Good morning world. The view from my hotel bed.
@miskstep nope. Vignette for Android.
@klairliva Vignette for Android.
@thurtinkle not if you did it for fun.
@sanarose Sushi Sasabune.
Just as much fun. The view from the bathtub.
@AmandaPlamer actually I thought you were a joke.
@amandapalmer (not @anandapalmer or @amandaplamer) Flickr
@LifeNChopstix it's just a nexus 1 camera running vignette
In London? Craving fame and glory? Well, @mitchbenn needs bodies for his video shoot. Details at
@daswickerman YES! #immediatelycorrectedherself
@KaywinnitFrye hurrah!
Free lemony snicket IceCream being eaten right now! @diamondtook and friends demonstrate.
"Ice cream is like Life: cold and brief and terrifying." Lemony Snicket.
Probably the ice cream quote works better here
@rbaguley that would be great! @fablor can tell you where to send it.
@Fradastio I do not know.
@TwittsMcGee I'm afraid it's Vignette -- an Android App -- and not a Hipsta.

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