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Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Twitter 09-29-2010

@rclarkie On the other hand, it'll be great for the water ballet sequence.
@rclarkie So very happy to hear it.
If you are in Boston area, come tomorrow night (Weds) see @meowtopia in @amandapalmer's Late night Cabaret at the Oberon. Astonishing show.
Just watched @meowtopia crowdsurf at Amanda's late night special. She's stunning performer.
@Elissalophalous everybody is invited.
@EllenKushner Wish You Were Here.
@violinen No, someone else. (Although we did just discuss it, we decided it would upset our mothers if we just got married without them)
@Pr1ps I do.
@Seth666 in what sense?
RT @amandapalmer: BOSTON! a few tix have been released for tomorrow's Ig Nobel ceremony. come see me with @jasonwebley & @neilhimself ht ...
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY My Week In Pictures: posted by Neil

I got up particularly early this morn... WARNING:Contains me
@benmorrisillo flying mermaid armies! Amy Pond's prosthetic leg extenders!
Standing on the corner waiting for @hollyherself, in town for CABARET and @amandapalmer's late night cabaret ...
@amandapalmer You can say that again. Also I love you.
@emilycrockett. You were great. Loved the pirate jenny.
@amandapalmer hang on. Are You talking about acupuncture?
@carlbarat I am sure they will put it up.
@carlbarat hah!

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