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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From Twitter 09-28-2010

I love you.
Woke up with hair that makes me look like Harpo Marx. "You need a funny hat and a horn," agreed @amandapalmer when I told her. Haircut time.
@ManMadeMoon Bad Duncan! (But if we ever do a movie together I'll mohawk if you will.)
RT (Talking of Harpo...) @Mekebra He died on this day you know... (Checks. And yes, he did. How odd.)
Happy Harpo Day, World!
@FreddoGoatpants Nothing could keep me away.
@shelfmagazine okay! I hope they are capable of being answered in 140 characters.
RT @lpff: ZOMG! ZOMG! ZOMG! @donttrythis @neilhimself & @paulandstorm to play w00tstock 2.9 in Austin 11/2/10! Onsale Fri Oct 1 austinth ...
About to do a twitter interview with @shelfmagazine to celebrate THE GRAVEYARD BOOK being published int he US in paperback today.
@shelfmagazine It's only 12 words, so they didn't take long to write. But I wrote them, & the next 200 words & then waited 2 years. #tgb
(The @shelfmagazine interview hashtag is #tgb by the way)
@bringthecat Not even in disguise.
@shelfmagazine I had the most fun writing Nehemiah Trot, the poet. He made me laugh, partly with recognition. #tgb
@shelfmagazine mostly those allusions are there for me. I don't expect everyone to get them, but they will make a few people very happy #tgb
@bringthecat Come to the Barnes and Noble event on the Thursday Night (7th). It will be fun.
@shelfmagazine there's a big story I'd like to tell that may have familiar characters in it. Like a Lord of the RIngs to TGB's Hobbit #tgb
@shelfmagazine "Homecoming" - it's been my favourite Bradbury story since before I knew who Bradbury was. #tgb
@shelfmagazine the beauty #tgb
@Sueysa Me too. She's pretty wonderful.
@shelfmagazine I play guitar and piano very badly, ukulele worse, & the tambourine not at all, something @amandapalmer finds hilarious #tgb
@shelfmagazine as a very small boy I played the double bass, mostly for the comedy value inherent in the size difference #tgb
@shelfmagazine About to write an article for Dr Who Monthly on what it was like to wander the set & how I failed to steal the TARDIS #tgb
@shelfmagazine Tell #fridayreads I'm reading Calvino's ITALIAN FAIRY TALES, & have The Count of Monte Cristo on the go on my Kindle #tgb
@shelfmagazine you're very welcome! #tgb
YES! Lemony Snicket & Maira Kalman invite you to join them for free ice cream on Sat Oct 2nd, 12-1 pm, at Cones, 272 Bleecker Street, NY!
@Beathhigh I have never been to Plockton. It is high on the list of things I mean to do one day.
So @JasonWebley and I just went to see @amandapalmer in Cabaret, directed by @StevenBogart. Honed since run-through, so beautiful & moving.
@rclarkie it's the Revenge of the Rain Gods. I told you we shouldn't have cut them...

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