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Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Twitter 09-25-2010

@cindyshapiro give her my love.
@FiendAngelical good point. We can work our way up to eloping down the road or all the way to the car park.
@Fooberry he is lovely by the way.
@DonnieDarko85 stopped wearing them about 5 years ago, mostly.
@fairytalevegas he is!
@Spryly thank you for trying anyway.
@KaywinnitFrye dodged, pretty much.
@Pami_Therese - Yup. You look like death.
@amandapalmer I knew it would be great!
@amandapalmer I am about to get on a plane which will take me to Amsterdam & I will change planes & I will get off in Boston & I love you.
Farewell United Kingdom. Be glorious & chilly while I am gone. Good luck to @rclarkie & the ace Dr Who team, but I'm sure you won't need it.
@jamescomins Magian Line...
@johnnyash you did, and I did.
@harrysaxon23 I loved getting to geek out. Have not posted the photo of me hugging a dalek.
RT @StarShipSofa: @neilhimself Thought you'd like to see StarShipSofa Stories Vol 2 vid? Your poem Conjunctions is in! Out 10/10/2010 ht ...
@4colorfantasies Its best bet would be to ask me while I was doing Sandman, around 1992, and also likely to be in that area.
@johnnyash wait and see. Everything about it is confidential, except Suranne Jones is in it and @rclarkie is directing.
This is @robinmckinley's blog about the events preceding the photo I put up on twitpic a few days ago:
Right. Now I put on my backpack and struggle off through Amsterdam airport. There has to be a plane to Boston somewhere here.
RT @coollike: An Explanation: - A blog post all about what on earth I was doing on the TARDIS with @neilhimself.
RT @WalterSickert: #WSinkDrip a day (Sept 25) "Neil Gaiman" @neilhimself
@LKHamilton that's so wise and true.
I am in Boston. @amandapalmer is beautiful, even with very short black CABARET hair. Jet-lag is King.
@matociquala got it. right. bugger.
People suggesting that @amandapalmer is "especially" beautiful with short black Cabaret hair. Yes. She is especially beautiful always.
@TonyCSGreenall such is life.

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