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Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Twitter 09-24-2010

In bed awake before the alarm goes off. Sushi with Terry yesterday. Today is Doctor Who. Tomorrow belongs to @amandapalmer. Life is so fine.
Today I will be interviewed by DWC on the TARDIS set while elsewhere Matt Smith & Suranne Jones will be [tweet redacted]. Photos unlikely.
RT @Glinner: RT @davidallengreen: "Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn't fit for humans now." #TwitterJokeTrial Please RT
About to steal TARDIS and explore space and time. Back by lunchtime.
RT @coollike: So, this is me on the TARDIS with @neilhimself. What? I'll explain soon...
@caseypitman11 that's wonderful!
RT @Paul_Cornell: @neilhimself This photo depicts Neil Gaiman in his First Incarnation.
@trishambolic happy birthday!
Blink? Why wouldn't I want to blink?
@PeteBottomley funny you should mention that.
@JanineHJones Ah, it was the niceness that won my heart, not the caffeine or the sugar, Janine.
It's Friday. #ff @JanineHJones Dr Who runner extraordinaire & @rclarkie director even extra-extraordinaire, & @coollike because [redacted].
RT @smarsh12: @neilhimself will you please tell your followers that the @DeweyDonation drive supporting @thevlp ends today? http://bit.l ...
@ravensward you are very wise.
@DavidALapham fair enough. But I also have book readers, TV and movie watchers, and people who just like my twitter feed. And bots.
@Joannechocolat guys get it too.
@DavidALapham They aren't bees. They are little funny honey-gathering PEOPLE. With twitter accounts.
@theindelicates will do!
A photo of @coollike & me. Charlie has the best smile. I am not smiling, as I am busy plotting my TARDISnapping.
@phdaisy - Ahhhh.
@indeciSEAN I rather liked it.
@hotdogsngiggles If you are going to steal a TARDIS you need a cool head and dry trousers.
@FiendAngelical aren't we meant to GO somewhere if you elope, though? Like down a ladder or something? Just leaving breakfast doesn't count.
@adorhino But you have YouTube?
@jelundberg I pushed, pulled, twirled, twisted, ratchetted and made things go bing. Also I hit it with a mallet.

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