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Friday, September 24, 2010

From Twitter 09-23-2010

@MotleyHippie Twitpic is being weird.
@zoeboekbinder wish I had been there too. Come back one day.
@ellenstarbuck Hi Ellen! I'm in Cardiff again! (Waves.)
@monkeyboyhealey as in the one you play your love to tell said love you have broken up, or the one you drown your sorrows in?
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Interim peregrinatory post, with some photos: posted by Neil

I am in Card... WARNING:Contains me
@TexChater I just googled it.
@UsakoLuna yes.
Half a rainbow all the way...
@MerrileeHeifetz there are no coincidences. Um. Yes actually.
A police call box? In Wales? That's not something you see every day...
RT @JPartridgeIII: This looks amazing @neilhimself 's Dramatically Different 'Absolute Sandman' Recoloring is Absolutely Necessary http: ...
This is @rclarkie who is directoring my episode of Doctor Who. And doing it with panache.
RT @HarperChildrens: The Graveyard Book by @neilhimself is coming out in paperback! Check it out: #kidlit
@KaywinnitFrye earplugs?
@JanineHJones Hi Janine. I'm now following you...
Hmm. I twitpicced a couple of photos of me & Terry Pratchett from tonight, or thought I did, but they haven't posted. Perhaps while I sleep.
@Cryogaijin there is only one Doctor. You write for him.
@egregiousdecay the artwork is the same. The original colouring on recent printings looks pretty horrible.
@KatWithSword oh good.
@Marjorie73 not in the US.
@marinersfan47 I'm trying to follow fewer people I don't know, as I can't keep up with the people I do know any longer.
@amandapalmer that is a very good thing, darling.
Sir Terry Pratchett. A knight of the realm.
One of these men is a knight of the realm. One is a commoner who badly needs a haircut. You be the judge
These men are quaffing champagne for Mysterious Reasons. What mischief are they planning? I daren't tell
@zootcadillac If I saw it. So much stuff comes in on the twitter feed, and I only see a fraction of it any day.
@chezpim okay!
Right. I am going to sleep now. Probably at some point in the night Twitpic will post that last photo too. Funny, slow old Twitpic.

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