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Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Twitter 09-22-2010

I just supported a Kickstarter - Grand Guignol:Exhibition Catalogue (with @davemckean and Zulli art):
Shuttling across the UK by train. I think I fetch up late tonight in Cardiff. Or I hope I do.
@rclarkie Can I say good luck? Or is that bad luck? (Like, with actors you say "break a leg". Do I say "Hope you fall in a quarry" for DW?)
@JimTheD I'll be a thousand miles away.
@crabbyknickers hope to have dinner in Bristol.
@ProfessorMilan gaym'n
@mseddy2900 unfortunately, they'll be using it today.
Stopped off in London. Sushi lunch. Agreed to be part of a documentary about America. Now onward to Bristol and Diana Wynne Jones.
@msmisrule will do.
@pgerasimo mine too, Pilar.
@NickBlake and gryphons.
@mkazoo she is A Good Thing, yes.
@melagee will do.
@Dreamer_Mike train not yet chosen. I'll Twitter it if you like to save friend waiting around.
Here is Diana Wynne Jones looking beatific in her kitchen today. The inexplicable notice is from about 1987.
@NukeLuchins yes,,
@SDuPreeBemis I told her.
Dave the train conductor is a keen SFX reader & deduced that I was me. He bows each time he goes past. God knows what other passengers think
@CelestialSquid if I get a vote, no.
@Punkrocdoc sure.
@kelk3l Anansi Boys?
@kylecassidy Waves. Hi Kyle!
I'm in Cardiff. Tomorrow: Doctor Who by day, dinner with Terry Pratchett by night. Crimefighting to follow. Whee.
@GrilledCheezGuy It's not the idea, anyway. It's what you do with it.
@M_C_Saye Yup.
@princessnaked That's wonderful.
@taotu I am sorry. I have been saving up minutes for this tomorrow for years.
@Whoaholic No. It's awesome. Well, maybe it's a little bit unfair.
@kittymoran No, honest, it's still about the hair.
@discworlddiva can't I just greet him warmly?
@KatWithSword I was thinking of something in black.
@ChrisBrosnahan pretty damn shameless, yes.
@M_C_Saye Look on my blog. It's filled with authory advice.
RT @shelfmagazine: @twitter Shelf Unbound's live Twitter interview with The Graveyard Book author Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) is 11.28, 5 ...
@robinmckinley It was wonderful to see you if only for a few moments...
@acatris well, I hope @therealcarew does a better job of it this time.
@BadAstronomer Will do!
@KatWithSword I like that!
@IainDelaney Terry goes first. He has the sword.
@livinlost Sure. Cardiff!
@bra1ny1 yup!
Oddly,, @davedevereux photo of @tomabba taking a picture of me as I photograph DWJ, isn't on my twitter feed.
@WereGeek you will not see us. We are one with the shadows.
@MissyNH I'm sure she does. But why us she skipping lunch?
@theskylion a script for Dr Who...?
@Fooberry literally?
@MissyNH I hope I'm near a phone or computer then.
@Fooberry that's green all right.
@FiendAngelical REALLY?
G'night world. G'night @amandapalmer. G'night rainy Cardiff. Tomorrow I will s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶T̶A̶R̶D̶I̶S̶ ̶ wander round the Dr Who set.
Also from this afternoon, Diana Wynne Jones and @robinmckinley (who was leaving as I was arriving)
A @davedevereux photo of @tomabba who is taking a picture of me as I photograph Diana Wynne Jones. Voila.
A @davedevereux photo of @tomabba taking a picture of me as I photograph Diana Wynne Jones. Voila.

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