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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Twitter 09-21-2010

RT @MikeHawthorne: 1938 rejection letter from Disney to female artist (Can you imagine the frustration she had to fac ...
@MotleyHippie that was it.
Crashing around London doing stuff. Late. Dropping things & appointments. Now heading out of town an hour late: The Disorganisation man.
@lauriepink it was not braided.
@BADALEX_ I do. But not in the UK.
@cpwernham about 140K most years.
@InuaEllams I'll be gone by then. Would love to send daughter @hollyherself though.
@jenmovies I have a great assistant in @fablor. She's just 5,000 miles away, watching me cope. Or fail to.
@lauriepink I do not believe it was actually plaited, Laurie. Ever. It does the wavy on its own.
@lyzardly You're welcome, I think.
Puzzled to realise that I could have flown to Manchester for a fraction of the cost of a standard Virgin peak train ticket.
@InuaEllams you are so welcome. Good luck with the play! What's it called? @hollyherself
@spacebongo as opposed to taxi and train fares to major rail terminal?
@tmartinowen Heathrow Express is pretty cheap.
@InuaEllams Looks brilliant! @hollyherself
@ChrisSomeone @jasonbstanding checking around, I could still get a single plane ticket for today for half of what this train ticket cost me.
@rclarkie I'll see you on Thursday. Will have rewritten another dozen scenes by then, including the water ballet.
RT @GoshComics: After years of publishing limbo @DaveMcKean’s magnum opus Cages finally returns! Exclusive Gosh! Bookplate Edition: http ...
Note that I retweeted that @goshcomics tweet even though it didn't mention the most important bit, viz, who carried the bookplates to London
In Manchester. About to watch the amazing @theagilmore play on the radio. Live tonight 8 uk time Radio Two.
The glorious @TheaGilmore and her gentleman (and producer / guitar) Nigel Stonier.
@johnreppion flying. And decided at the last minute. - And the Radio 2 show is - and will be streaming.
@MsClara happy birthday to your dad!
@purplheadpnutmj good question.
Watch & Retweet for the Sudan:
@Stevenbogart fortunately Art is not a democracy.
@vacilatingvoice Happy Anniversary! And come home safely.
@lauriepink complain to @hollyherself. And @maddyg44
Banned Books Weeks starts on Sept 25th. Why don't you read a banned or challenged book?
And on the subject of Banned Books : Hurrah for the @CBLDF & Oregon judges for rescuing @judyblume & @margaretatwood -
RT @davegibbons90: Trailer for bio/feature film on artist Jeff Jones: Paul Pope, Moebius, @davemckean and others
@athiel021 did you click on the link?
@mcdevinpants CORALINE has been challenged a lot. OUTRAGEOUS TALES FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT nearly sent a publisher to jail.
The view from the studio. @TheaGilmore streams on BBC radio 2. (No, sorry, I'm not doing an official signing in Manchester tonight.)
@NooseandGibbet absolutely.
@lauriepink when a man is lonely in Manchester he is tired of life. Or tired of braiding his hair. Or of toast.
@TheLenCantello3 I'm not sure I understand about "the unseen sown their throats". Is that like sowing wild oats?
Failed to find late night food, so Thea, Nigel, & small son (& au pair) came back to my hotel room & we ate room service & talked until late
@trialia I figured there were. But when you have a tired and hungry 3 year old boy in tow, sometimes the simplest solution is room service.

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