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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Twitter 09-20-2010

This is madness! may be for a good cause -- but it is MADNESS, I say! People, DO SOMETHING.
@MotleyHippie I am pretty sure the train did not go through Tonbridge on its way from ST Pancras to Ashford.
@caprica_sixx I do not know. If she gets bored by it, then no. If she is interested all the way to the end, then probably.
Bugger. A #neilwebfail. Just do not all click on at once. Have a cup of tea THEN click. (& retweet it)
A photograph. In which @davemckean has finished his lunch.
@lisahorstman it is, isn't it? Sorry.
@RichardHCooper very nice.
RT @scalzi: A surge of visitors from @neilhimself to reminded me to turn on the cache. It's all good now.
@amandapalmer I love and miss you my foxy doxy. But you are becoming abstract and hypothetical from distance & time. Roll on Saturday.
@angel_islington it was.
RT easy! @realMickFoley: Hoping you can ask your fans to vote for RAINN @ It would really help.
@DaveMcKean it was a magical time. Thank you and Clare so much!
@zoeboekbinder hope everything's good there. Read the books. Play with the dogs. Explore.
@amandapalmer Sent you current UK phone. I'm flitting from place to place like a black flitty thing. Will flit to where you are on Saturday.
@MadNad it was almost like being there, and being heckled by Steve Jones in person. Wonderful.
@nayes1982 yup. Same Charity.
Go and read what @larrymarder has to say about a new censorship case, and why the @cbldf is getting involved:
@ddenhardt e-book contracts are getting ironed out, I believe.
@lauriepink No, I'm not. #thereAreSomeThingsOfWhichIAmfuckingCertain.
And a link to the @CBLDF page with full info on the video game Amicus thingummy is
RT @NewYorkerFest: Ticket Update! Neil Gaiman is sold out, only a handful left for Regina Spektor, Patricia Clarkson, and Gay Marriage.
@Ziggystarduster An old pub.
On the WNYC website you can listen to Jane Curtin reading my short story CHIVALRY for NPR's SELECTED SHORTS:
@minimal23 It's SHirley Jackson's THE LOTTERY. #crapmemory

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