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Monday, September 20, 2010

From Twitter 09-19-2010

@hodgman they speak of you still...
@Devin0852 I don't. Sorry.
@rclarkie if it's the water ballet sequence you're worrying about, Richard, we could always make them centaurs. Or vampire teddy bears.
On the train. Will end up at @davemckean's when the traveling is done. Wishing I had packed plug adapter for laptop.
@xGallifreyGirlx or mermaids.
@nalohopkinson although it worries me when they do it on the shelves while we are not reading them.
@Cadigan yes. Just not on this train.
@John_murphy1 nope. It was me.
@MarcyChen more or less. I turned everything off and took the brightness all the way down.
RT @northcape: RT @TwJokeTrialFund: All links assembled in one post about @pauljchambers #twitterjoketrial
@Jonesjazz I will! Can't wait to hear it, Jonesy. And I want to come back.
For Jazz lovers - @jonesjazz has a new CD up for free download at (He makes the music for @pennjillette & @mrteller)
Now reading: Mike Moorcock's COMING OF THE TERRAPHILES. It's like a mad mashup of Wodehouse &
Moorcock's SF & Dr Who. Great stuff so far.
@rclarkie not a big house Richard. Just a nice suburban semi-detached.
@RocketIsRad that's brilliant. I will tell @amandapalmer.
From an incredibly fast read of my friends' tweets this morning I have concluded that today is almost definitely Talk Like The Pope day.
@CherryXIV that's not very Pope-like talk.
@CherryXIV I suppose that you could be a grumpy Cornish Pope who was a sailor before he took up poping.
At @davemckean's house. Liam shows me their Garden Thing.
Blackberrying with the McKeans. Clare picks, Liam eats. This is traditional Blackberrying division of labour.

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