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Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Twitter 09-18-2010

I'm back. I hope the world was not broken in my absence.
@Kambrieldesign hurrah!
I am typing this on my brand new Nexus 1 which replaced my old Nexus 1 with a broken input. That is why the words are so shiny and new.
@dukevante properly horrific.
A duckpond (with your actual ducks). Behind them my friends Colin Greenland & Susanna Clarke. Two great writers.
@Joannechocolat it has your fingerprints all over it.
@KearneyQ sorry about that.
@debreese yup. Soon now.
@MauiDrilon all I remember was trying to stay awake while he was taking it.
@hodgman - am with Colin and Susanna. They are telling fond anecdotes that feature you and several cows.
@hodgman Susanna says Colin is probably taking me to the 3 Stags Head tonight for dinner. I will eat something for you. By proxy. Um.
@DrLabRatOry I do not think they are. It was a replacement.
@Suw I WON? That's marvellous!
@Steve_Mellor @RealReeceShears I think King's quite right. And my novels all outsell my short story collections by about 3 to 1 or more.
@tisanorvell39 that's really nice of you, but I'm trying not to follow anyone I don't sort of know right now.
@damiengwalter ..and kudos to Andy Kubert and Scott Williams as well!
If you see @Hodgman tell him that they still talk of him here, and the cat in the walls is waiting for him.
@Pawsed could be. Or it could be a duck pond.
@CynthVonBuhler I haven't been lovetweeting @amandapalmer for 18 days because I've been off Twitter for 18 days. But I still loved her.
@carlygirlwriter as opposed to being a computer simulation?
@KaywinnitFrye Not yet. I'll get there Wednesday night or Thursday morning.
@tolgismen DC Comics own the rights to Sandman, not I.
MN & WI people, @zoeboekbinder is playing a gig in a Farmington MN Barn tomorrow & an Eau Claire Teahouse on Monday.
Meanwhile Zoe's sister, the equally amazing @KimBoekbinder has released another 4 tracks of her faboo album over at

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