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Thursday, September 2, 2010

From Twitter 09-01-2010

@amandapalmer I wish I was there & not the flowers. Although honestly they look a lot better sitting on the piano than I would. Proud of you
RT @Tastebuds: @neilhimself Hi Neil, is a dating site for music lovers. Recently launched but should be able to help your f ...
Ms @Geetadayal wishes to meet someone with similar musical tastes. Her tastes can be found at #justthisonce Good luck
I am off to BBC Wales to creep in and see production designs. (You have to insert a small sheepish-excited grin in here or it doesn't work)
@bethofalltrades ahhh. Love.
Taxi driver was a @RobBrydon character. "There are more traffic lights in Cardiff than in the rest of the UK. That's a true fact."
@JonJolley thank you!
@buShroom it might do.
@jackieedwards2 Easter or just after I expect.
@jonnyathan :)
@TracyStoller how was it?
@hayleycampbelly I will make you more porridge than you can eat.
@Vergil_Thompson I don't charge for interviews. But I do fewer and fewer interviews. I worry that I repeat myself.
@Jenz00r No, I won't. I'll be on Skype here in the UK at 1.00 am my time. Hope they haven't sold it as Me In The Flesh.
@steven_moffat I also posted You look very good but Matt demonstrates that Time Lords are descended from giraffes.
@Vergil_Thompson not yet. But perhaps at Hallowe'en they will.
@middleearthguy episode 3, I hope.
@mapgeekski I'm paying Twitter five bucks to deliver you, personally. So's @ConanOBrien. The winner gets your soul, & control of the Earth.
Trying to work out how to distract folk watching Melbourne Writer Fest Webchat from noticing that I am a bleary author at 1 in the morning.
Choices: 1) I could shave or 2) I fill this hotel room with dancers and clowns.
I will not tell you which option I picked. But I now look like a bleary-eyed freshly-shaven corpse, and there are no dancers or clowns here.
While I was shaving, Twitter voted. It was dancers and clowns all the way. Thanks guys.
Except for the people who were scared of clowns.
@Lenore_Helena the hotel has a very low ceiling.
@MiaNorthman and them, yes.
From the tweets coming in, it's amazing how many people are scared of clowns. Sometimes clowns are scared of people:
@everlynband it is coming out an issue at a time. They are up to # 11.
@gemzina Ah, but @margolanagan is a genius.
@smendler That was a good thing to do.
RT It's a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit, isn't it? (puzzles) @DrElena: re: scared of clowns...i got one word for u... Tangelos!
@yoboseiyo it says grapefruit on Wikipedia. #butwikipediahasbeen knowntoerr
I will do my best to stay awake for the next hour. Quite how much I will actually contribute to this panel I do not know. #moretea #aaaargh
The Melbourne writers festival is suddenly no longer online. And I have not said anything yet. #drinkmoretea
@scalzi But do they have AIRCARS there, John? And a CURE FOR CANCER? We must know!
@popecinema you know, if I had dancers and clowns I would be entertained now their Video link has gone down. Dammit.
RT Ah. Tangelos. Got it. @DrElena: here's the reference: best cartoon ever! via @youtube
There. Someone at the Melbourne End pulled the plug accidentally. They fixed it in the end & I was there for the final Q&A. Now sleep...?
@scalzi I do not think I will like the future, then, John. As long as they do not have Dropbears.
@eileensc NO, I am in the UK. I was just on a videochat with Melbourne though. Sort of.
@Jenz00r They "pulled the network plug accidentally" at their end. I'm sort of unimpressed.
@AnastasiaR thank you. Sorry it was so short.
Right. Sleep now (2 pots of strong tea permitting). Then tomorrow I wrap Dr Who script and fall off the map.
RT (I bought 2) @amandapalmer: VIP tix to CABARET available for many shows (including sold out nights): #ARTcabaret

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