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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Twitter 08-31-2010

RT @projectegghead: @neilhimself Sarah's shaving her head to raise money for pancreatic cancer in mem of her dad. PleaseRT www.justgivin ...
I just gave my 10 votes to @biggayicecream at so it can win fame and fortune. Vote now for homosexual dairy desserts!
@Jenz00r it is a very little fuck. Or should be if it is printed corectly.
@AshleeElizabeth aww. thank you!
@Johnny_Pistols it is.
@tara_oshea I'd have countered with the pre-radio days when you could only see Doctor Who on the stage at Drury Lane or at mummers' shows.
@buckycore It's not for another four hours. Nervous, me? Nah. I'm not even counting the minutes.
@tara_oshea Yon madman claims that in his azure box he's travell'd off to France, and Timbuktu. But what is this? A giant pepper pot? Argh.
@Pantouffles I agree. I'll RT tonight when Americans are awake.
@VisitCardiff it's BEAUTIFUL here! Is the weather always this good? (Feel free to lie to me.)
@nataliefisher you're here too? Today?
@tripleflash Sorry.
@nataliefisher not event the slightest bit nervous.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Where I am and what I'm doing: posted by Neil

1) In Cardiff2) Eleven minu... WARNING:Contains me
@waltergiant It's amazing ice cream. How is my favourite introducer?
@buckycore Didn't get to chat to Karen - she was talking to the director before and zoomed off after while I was talking to Matt and Arthur.
The big version of the photo I just put up on my blog. #thingsthatmakeyourheaddissolve
RT @amandapalmer: Watch @BenFolds...rockin' it, live at #live4pakistan (via @AFPwire)
RT @davidnbull: @neilhimself thanks for Pakistan plug, Neil. We at UNICEF need all support possible for 8.6m affected children. More inf ...
Taken by me: Mr Smith and Mr Moffat. If you think you can see energy ghosts hovering above them, you are imagining
@TarynAria Did I say he was alive? Or playing Rory?
RT @AFPwire: Correction: Hang tight for 90minutes or so & maybe you'll see someone you know at #live4pakistan *cou ...
@GreatDismal because Bruce has locked his twitter account - you can't read it unless he has signed off on you.
RT @imogenheap: So far: Zoe Keating, Kaki King, Kate Havnevik, Josh Groban, Ben Folds and KT Tunstall! Come and join us! ...
@Jodyth Not this trip.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY It was pretty damn wonderful actually: posted by Neil

Right to left, Rich... WARNING:Contains me
@fiveequalssix But tweetdeck doesn't use the inbuilt Twitter retweeter.
Forgot to mention Richard Clark= @rclarkie & S. Moffat= @steven_moffat. They take away your tweetlicence for that
@JapanMau5 I think that might possibly be the stupidest thing I've been asked on Twitter, and I've been asked some doozies. Thoughts?
@billsquared I love the internet sometimes. That was wonderful!
RT @damiengwalter: Quick! Go and nominate an SF book for The Guardian's 'Not The Booker' prize. DO IT NOW!!
@g_willow 140 characters of commiseration. I try and be obsessive about double-checking anything I post these days, and still screw up. Love
More on book-compatibility dating services:
Matt Cheney continues his read of Sandman with #7:
And because I don't post enough useful things: THE WORLD'S BEST PORRIDGE RECIPE (Beware. Calories.)
@geetadayal I don't think so. But I bet there are nice electronic music geeks out there. Want me to suggest they date you?
@amandapalmer Break legs tonight, darling. Give my love to all the CABARET cast and Bogart. I wish I was there. I love you.

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