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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From Twitter 08-30-2010

@grammargrrl is that good?
@jenniferlagarde on the way.
On a train. It is late. Bored enough to experiment with new Vignette App settings. This is Whiteboard.
@RevellWriting I use Final Draft.
@atgm613 mine came with a magnifying glass. I think it'll be happier on screens. - Opinions seem to be divided on whether I should use this as a profile picture, or join a-ha.
@maureenjohnson Yes.
Right. I appear to be in Cardiff. The only sensible thing to do is go and find some lunch. Fish and chips? Sushi?
@Joannechocolat Maybe later in the UK trip...?
No, massed Twitter Hive-mind. I do not believe you can get sushi and chips, even in Cardiff. #lunchquest
@dougggie I wondered about that hotel as I came into the city. It's changed since then.
@Dreamer_Mike thanks for the info.
Writing a jetlagged introduction to a posthumous Kurt Vonnegut book in a Cardiff cafe. It is a short book so it cannot be a long intro.
@memories_child the latter.
@therealcarew I could give you clues. Or would that ruin the fun of the hunt?
@mrsbradfield I'm just leaving to wander back to hotel and crash with jetlag...
@therealcarew. But I am tweeting with a phone and writing longhand.
@tres_michelle did you notice the bit about the free signing afterwards?
I sneakily picked up musician on MermaidQuay's AMERICAN GODS and signed it. (Left as he announced it through mic to Bank Holiday crowds.)
(Something I've *never* done before. Was glad he realised it was me and not just some book-scribbly vandal.)
RT @RachaelRossman: Featured on FUEL today, my paintings for @neilhimself and @dooce, among others: (via @designcoyote)
@bstiteler I don't think it's that opaque, Bill.
@WoodsmanHans whew!
RT @ThatKevinSmith: ONLY 18 TICKETS LEFT to see @AmandaPalmer & @NeilHimself at @SModcastle! #D ...
Dinner with the lively @ellenstarbuck of CoolBandILike @loscampesinos. That was meant to say lovely. She's both.
@justkristin of course it's okay. Just glad to help with something like that.
RT @LncArtStudios: Almost have a new zombie arm finished. It's cast from the same person's arm as the one made for @neilhimself. Cheap ...
@katwantsyou depends on the BBC and scheduling. Probably not. Might be later in the month.
@NukeLuchins good question.
@markm_81 If I thought it was subpar I wouldn't write the intro to it. It's work he did toward the end of his life and is excellent.
@therealcarew was in Tenkaichi on City Road with @ellenstarbuck. Not in disguise or anything.
RT @abysmalred: New blog post! Illustration made for #picturebookreport, inspired by @neilhimself's "The Graveyard Book" ...
@OriginalLioness she goes, she comes back. One day she won't come back. I still worry every time I don't see her for a day.
@Paul_Cornell The "Discovery" sunset climb is magic. Good luck at the Hugos. (My table-read tomorrow, he said to him not nervously at all.)
@EmmaBlowgun next time i hope we get to chat properly.
@NukeLuchins It depends on whether you believe Mr Vonnegut or not.
@tara_oshea Why Tara, don't tell me that you're a Doctor Who fan...?
RT @Paul_Dini: A bunch of animators have been telling me about this: an unfinished Mickey Mouse short from 1951. Pretty cute. http://t ...
@tara_oshea you should check it out properly. I bet you'd like it. There were Doctors before Matt Smith, you know.
@tara_oshea You kids. mwah.
@buckycore yup! Excited.
@tara_oshea In colour? Doctor Who was at its best when it was on the wireless, and you had to imagine it. Tony Hancock was a great Doctor.
@jenniferlagarde so glad to have helped.

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