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Monday, August 30, 2010

From Twitter 08-29-2010

So the US government has the right to plant a GPS tracker on you, without getting a warrant. Brr...
@victorianbeauti did you click the link?
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Not a Maddy's birthday post. Actually about four other things.: posted by ... WARNING:Contains me
@SDuPreeBemis Hurrah! Also, I need to send you stuff.
@JaydonD Grimms IS the dark version of Grimms.
@SiouxsieLaw I didn't ignore it. I read the link.
@cindypon Happy Birthday!
@endlessbabe For me, it's the difference between a procedurally correct strip-search, and a cop peeping at you naked through your window.
@marisolnichols Give Tim my best wishes.
@pinkytweets - You must show @mollycrabapple.
@SDuPreeBemis Definitely hold me to it.
Hurrah! ODD AND THE FROST GIANTS is a Midwest Booksellers' Choice Honours Book.
Lots of people sent me links to this Sandman-Inception Fan-Fiction comic at
Off to the airport now. Lots of travelling ahead. Expect a marked lack of useful or interesting tweets for the next 3 weeks.
@hodgman Alas, John. I'm off to Cardiff for a table read. A man who travels around in a blue box. It's an English thing.
@amandapalmer -- pictures! (25th September)
@hodgman no, John. Merrilee is my agent. Who is the man in the blue box.
@hodgman Of course! What the multiverse has been waiting for: TARDISed-out Emmy presenters, handing out Emmies across Time and Space.
@KaywinnitFrye what are your Cardiff dates?
"We appreciate your patience. We don't know why they aren't opening the plane door." It's because they're all dead, isn't it? #writerbrains
@KaywinnitFrye fair enough. I won't know when works until I'm there though.
RT ick @amandapalmer: shittiest headline ever, @stevenbogart & I are pissed at the globe for lame sensationalizing
RT @amandapalmer a link to the great article/creepy headline in question (from today's boston globe):
@Stevenbogart if it's any consolation, it's normally not the journalist's fault. It's the subeditor's. & is why I quit journalism 23 yrs ago
@Stevenbogart and "yesterday's news is Tomorrow's Fish & Chip Paper" (E. Costello). But it's still remarkably creepy when it happens to you.
@ruthbeingruth Unimpressed with the Boston Globe, mostly.
@mee_rei keep writing, and I am sure you will.
@Stevenbogart It's wise to take the shit being thrown as evidence that you're doing something right. Wait till Cabaret opens.
@somehoosier yup.
@PrecisionGrace possibly. Mostly I'll be writing in seclusion.

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