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Saturday, August 28, 2010

From Twitter 08-27-2010

@SanctusViri yup. For the New Yorker festival in October.
@TheBloggess I think I like Hailey.
RT I'm with her on Wolves @fairuza: here is the link - thanks! PLEASE RT!!
@timgauthier per there are 6000 wolves in the US (excluding Alaska). They're still endangered. What overpopulation?
Some background on the wolf issues:
@gracenaces I don't think it was anything good.
Before INSTRUCTIONS or DANGEROUS ALPHABET were books, they were limited Xmas prints: an auction for a good cause
@phenomenalia Sure:
@cpwernham you didn't click on the links, then?
According to SFX Matt Smith's read my DR WHO script, and had a two word reaction to it:
@PghPushyLover depends on the tone of voice.
@trantjd hope so.
@andydiggle I suddenly want to write the Wolves of Skye.
@mistressmousey I did. I tweeted it yesterday.
@mistressmousey PS you don't really make clear what the siginificance of THAT version of SANDMAN 8 is, or how many of them there were.
@kierstenwhite hurrah! #dieshappy
Not sure if I ever posted this directly to Twitter: A 5 MinVersion of the SydneyOperaHouse event: music & pictures & me
@Griffons3 his neck has healed. he still has 4 weeks until his leg is in shape for him to run offleash though.
@triggerphish well spotted.

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