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Friday, August 27, 2010

From Twitter 08-26-2010

@MiaNorthman I don't think my fans became my fans to hear me sing.
@Desert_Of_Time there are strains of "hygienic" bees that groom for varroa mites already. But good for him.
@dutch_chicken not particularly obscure.
@Jacey_Ray you are welcome
@Vuk_Oreb coincidence
RT what @amandapalmer and I were doing last night at 2 am (photo by @_Superkate_).
@LncArtStudios that is @amandapalmer's kitchen.
Dreams on the plane felt like a novel trying to get out. Why was the professor in the swimming pool? Who were the adventuresses? & the dog?
@olganunes 1 of the 3 adventuresses was a lot like you, but in an Emma Peel style leather catsuit. (1 had cameras. 1 stayed in the shadows.)
@ayeletw it would have been, yes.
@mps45 I am excited.
@carlygirlwriter I did? I thought I just went round the back.
@ayeletw damn. Busted.
On my way home with @hollyherself. As soon as I get home it's a Skype conference call test with Australians for Melbourne festival.
RT brilliant @MaryRobinette: I'm designing puppets for a production of @neilhimself's ODD AND THE FROST GIANTS.
@NHCrypto yup.
@blackicecream the glory of the Sxipenspiel.
A TARDIS in Boston when I was there: Mysterious appearances on the roof of MIT. Pic: & article at
@notintheseshoes Skyping in and doing a panel with Shaun Tan.
@MaryRobinette I'd love that!
@WilW your present and card just arrived! Thank you so much! Will read Wil! Come back again....
@fairuza Hi Fairuza... what's the link?
Hurrah! @drsamueljohnson has written another of his fine DICTIONARIES! I trust that this one has a better PLOT .
@CapnBellamy Quoting Blackadder is always wise.
@phenomenalia thank you!
@CapnBellamy anyone who likes @glinner is welcome in my world.
@araneae No, it's a picture of @amandaplamer signing 2000 thnak you cards. Sorry. Sexytime pictures another day. Or never.

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