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Thursday, August 26, 2010

From Twitter 08-25-2010

RT @GestaltMash: Matt Cheney talks free indirect discourse as he continues exploring the @neilhimself Sandman run w/ 24 Hours http://bit ...
Boston library, on Sept 26th, I'm one of 4 people talking/signing at the "Literary Lights for Children tea party"
@erikatanith it's the pistachios. You can't get the good ones any more.
SF Movie posters from an alternate universe where even the Roman Numerals were different. Some great ones.
RT @mo_ali: @neilhimself Mr.G, any chance of retweeting this: - independent folks raising money to publish a comic ...
@JamesPMacDonald me too.
@ChaosTheThird I like it when it works, and I don't like it when it's distracting and irritating.
RT @ThatKevinSmith: Using the Magdalene Grimoire, I bound @NeilHimself in my @SModcastle oubliette. On 11/23, only one woman can save hi ...
@rdsthebarbarian me neither.
RT @ThatKevinSmith: On NOVEMBER 23rd, @NeilHimself & @AmandaPalmer are comin' over to play: TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY!
RT @amandapalmer: RT! TODAY! @benfolds, @neilhimself & me webchat LIVE. go to @ 5:55 eastern time for info.
@MatthewHCreasy sorry.
@Assemism thank you!
@jennnmarshall Not unless I hear about it from the Theatre...
@chachalupa thank you!
I am sure it stops raining in Boston when I leave. It's just when I'm here that it rains.
@bbcamericangirl brilliant.
Webcast in 35 minutes. Cafe Pamplona: @_superkate_ and @amandapalmer looking mysterious.
@kylecassidy I swell with pride maestro. Thank you.
RT @amandapalmer: 5 min to go....chatroom is filling up! see @benfolds, @neilhimself & me webchat on the internetz!
That was unique. It was fun to meet Ben properly.
@MiaNorthman sing what?
@harpiesbrother so do i
My old friend Rick Berry is painting a breathtaking portrait of @amandapalmer as the MC in Cabaret.
Super artist Rick Berry in his lair. @_superkate_ on the right.
@stolteclan so glad you all like it! #Instructions
@WheresSabrina it depends on dates. But if we coincide, sure.
@MiaNorthman But sing what? And with what? And why?

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