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Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Twitter 08-21-2010

So @rozk has a poem in the Guardian Comment section: The poem's excellent, & the (poetic) reader comments fascinating
Messed up that last tweet. It's @rozkaveney, of course, not @rozk. But the Christpher Hitchens poem is still at
Nearly done. Reading through this rewrite one more time before I let it go.
Goodnight world. Goodnight #LOFNOTC. I am off to sleep. It's been a long day. But good. But long.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Turned up to Eleven: posted by Neil

We're about ten days away from the Do... WARNING:Contains me
@PeterStanbury pretty good.
@JackBear most cross-country planes don't, though.
@gredge you're welcome, but that's the other Neil. Actually, a Neal.
@PeterStanbury brilliant. Give Paul my love. Look forward to hearing from him.
RT @amandapalmer: run-thru was awesome. rare bookstore :Lame Duck in harvard sq; @neilhimself in his element.
@essers happy birthday from me and @hollyherself.
@amandapalmer shows off the famed Plotznik Opal, a gift from her fiance. There is a curse on it, of course.
@scotopic_lux I did. Australia : best place for cursed opals.
@amandapalmer and @hollyherself.
@andtracee yup. But she's still Amanda.
@gralinnaea aww. Thank her for me.
The glorious @TheaGilmore's new single, ON THE RADIO, on iTunes and Amazon Listen! Make it a hit.

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