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Saturday, August 21, 2010

From Twitter 08-20-2010

I loved this NPR article on the tendency of lazy film critics to review audiences: (@thatkevinsmith, you'll like it too)
@almadsfeika you started at the end? There's a whole lot of beginning you've missed... #todayreads #fridayreads
@SammiMD I admit NOTHING. There might be weeping angels & daleks & Ogrons & evil water & mechanoids & a Cyberman named Jim. Or y'know, not.
@ErnestoLief Not unless you can also send the time to read it in.
@Jenhallah you're very welcome.
@liiiz_love you are so welcome!
@murderhaus yup. Without success so far.
@SammiMD I will take your word for it.
It is 5.30 am. I'm en route to the airport. Then I will fly 7 hours & 10 minutes. On the way I will rewrite Dr Who, finish 2 intros & sleep.
Hell is like the LAX Delta terminal at 6 am. Sad interminable lines of empty people who'd thought it couldn't possibly have been this bad.
@ZedBiscuit not sure that this counts as a draft. Tenth?
@micahtech just writing.
@mlindenuk episode 3.
@KatWithSword I made it up. Warn them or they will not know.
@PghPushyLover Yes. He definitely is.
@Chilari it was a way of getting a rare Coraline Nike shoe from the Coraline website.
@PghPushyLover Well, Patrick Troughton was MY Doctor. I'm loving writing for Matt Smith.
@reldnahcire he is fast asleep and has been since we took off over 3 hours ago. (normally that sleeping person is me.)
There will be a layover at Cincinatti. But probably not the kind that lets me sneak off and recharge this computer. Dammit.
@sxipshirey now you just have to explain to @amandaplamer that there is Good Fish & Chips as well as Bad Evil Fish & Chips Too.
@megajim it's a MacBook Air. No access to battery and short battery life.
Discovered it is spelled Cincinnati. The airport was very... airporty. Am now back on plane with dead laptop. Pen and paper next.
@gothic not Delta.
@amandapalmer listen to sxip: good fish&chips are heaven, light, flaky, crispy, salty, delicious, hapiness-when they are bad oh so sog sad.
@markokloos no. But can't write a script in that.
@danbtherockstar it was only 15 minutes
Farewell Cincinnati Airport Which Is In Kentucky. I fly away now. Well, when they finish boarding.
@danguyf wry smile.
@lasereraser it is vignette on an android.
@Antionette_Cole just changing planes.
@AyemazinMusic I bought them from a man.
@JamilahandCatz the things she does for art.
RT includes a print of the IN RELIG ORAN poem p@CBLDF: Check out the new CBLDF Benefit auctions!
@ohkayewhatever you are welcome!
@resa12 sorry #neverwhere
The direct link to the @CBLDF sale of IN RELIG ORAN poem (signed by me & @tonyfingharris): $100 each til they're gone
And there are cool cheaper things over at the @CBLDF website including signed SANDMANs & @BPAL assortments (& BONE etc)
@lucasscoppio that's a bit mad. Talk directly to @cbldf
@TONYFINGHARRIS you're brilliant, Tony. Hug your lovely wife for me.
@Maudelynn beautiful!
@lucasscoppio it's in FRAGILE THINGS.

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