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Monday, August 23, 2010

From Twitter 08-22-2010

RT He made his kickstarter target! Hurrah! @kidsmusicplanet: Here's @montyharper 's cake smooshing video -
@raliel after what happened to poor Thangobrind? Nope. I just did a deal with the gnoles.
@amandapalmer me too.
@edrafalko Not sure what the connection is between luck and The Cars.
@amysueamysue I took a bad photo of Amanda and Jeremy Geidt in front of your (remaining) food, but it was so bad I didn't post it.
@amysueamysue was lovely meeting you too. And you have wonderful tomatoes.
@tony_a_rogers it was a dinner that got a bit out of hand.
The profusion of links are starting to feel like spam. Any way to filter them out of my twitter feed?
Thanks all. I'll use Tweetdeck to filter out the phrase "daily is out". Otherwise my mentions column turns into this:
@SmallRivers They're starting to clutter up my feed. Couldn't you just leave out the @names of the people on promo tweets? @badastronomer
Ah. The Tweetdeck global filter does not appear to filter the phrase "daily is out" from my mentions.
@SmallRivers Can you just leave my name out of the Daily announcements? Assume I'm covered by the "and more".
@MichaelClear it may be "mentions" column specific...?
@Julirose worked like a charm! thanks!
If anyone else is having trouble with "daily paper" spam, you should contact @SmallRivers directly.
@MichaelClear I did. It works at the bottom of the column though. Global filter didn't work.
I just paid my 99 cents on iTunes to download the @biggayicecream song by the lovelycurvyfunny @janewiedlin. Joy.
@SmallRivers for the people whose inboxes are being clogged, it's spam.
"What good is sitting alone in your room...?"
@kristenmchugh22 nope. Written long before she came out as a marmite-hater.
@biggayicecream amazing.
@alanjporter thank you!
RT loverly @Budjette: new Endless pin-up by Bachalo & Townsend
Not only up and down but side to side, mein Herr...
Miss @amandapalmer ignores the chaos of the Cabaret rehearsal and concentrates on writing her blog.
@katbamkapow the ART in Boston.
@HannahEslby sorry.
From the (rapidly selling out) CABARET at the A.R.T. in Boston. Rehearsing Money Money Money.
@LeTep she uses hipstamatic. I use vignette.
@lnaturale she's really good. You should come out to the east coast for it...
@aemckay watching.
@Kambrieldesign hurrah!
@emmitunknowing I normally doodle it to make sure it works.
@PSMHopkins not if you're in Miami it's not.
@MaryGaughan wonderful meeting you with @amandapalmer and ace nibbles. Especially the cthulhu green beans.
@invaderemmett I'm sure it'll all grow back post Cabaret...
@deadlightsgirl Er, Cat, I think you just did... Wonderful song/parody. (Not a fan of the edit. Would rather have had 1 camera throughout.)
@deadlightsgirl I will. It was more that the cuts acted to jerk me out of the song... Loved the UFO moongirl look:
@deadlightsgirl that would be fun. Okay. You were my 1st tattoo. You can be my first video.

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