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Friday, August 20, 2010

From Twitter 08-19-2010

In 10 days my youngest daughter (aka @maddyg44 ) will be 16. I knew this, and somehow it just surprised me anyway.
@tomabba I think it was a letter with a photo stuck to it.
@davidlistensaff SHERLOCK.
@Kambrieldesign When I left her, @maddyg44's face was starting to look like her face again.
I loved this song a 1/4 of a century ago. And just found it on YouTube: (Written, later rewritten,by E Costello)
@CourtneyLoveUK lots of great female postmodernists. The late, great, much-missed Kathy Acker, for a start...
@danguyf sorry Dan.
@buckycore that's wonderful.
@UselessMoron We did work together again. And I hope we will more in the future.
Some wonderful Sandmans (or Sandmen?) At Comic Twart:
@oracleofdreams Elvis Costello is still alive.
@OhSoSqueamish He definitely is, yes.
@jrishel badly. Going to try again next year.
RT houseguests! @Kambrieldesign: - Photo post featuring magnificent dogs, contented cats, honey & a bit o' @neilhimself
@bookofjoe not very interesting, really.
RT @NYCfollowers: New York News: Chatting With The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's Doug Quint: Keeping Cool, Neil Gaiman, and a N... http://bi ...
"The First Men On Mercury" a wonderful poem/comic by the late Edwin Morgan, from the FPI blog.
@amandapalmer I love you. I will stop being theoretical tomorrow. Get some rest, love.
@ulanbator3 tea.
@littlelambbooks Oh good. I love that book.

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