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Thursday, August 19, 2010

From Twitter 08-18-2010

@montyharper you're welcome! Good luck! Post photos of the chocolate cake squish.
@Mapthestars You mean, did I abandon it?
@Mapthestars We start shooting it in 3 weeks The first draft was written in March 09.
@linkwherrman When they ask me to, I suppose.
Matthew Cheney is up to Sandman #5 in his read of Sandman. I'm enjoying this:
The micropig folk have been busted for false advertising. Good. This was a 'teacup pig' once:
@rustyshock he's the nearest thing I've seen so far.
Cannot get @mitchbenn's song ONLY IN CALIFORNIA out of my head. Would link to it and earworm you too, but it's not online. #narrowescapes
@Lizz0r you are welcome.
RT @designcoyote: It is online! ... and yeah. Stuck firm between the ears now.
@kay_ran it does. 11 of them. They should have them in bookshops or online.
@MsClara is there a Most Powerful of All or is it rock, paper, scissors?
@ddenhardt will investigate.
@RubyViolence thank you!
@RM_King don't forget to walk and breathe in between writing. ( I assume it's a writing all-night and not eg serial killing. )
@RM_King glad it helped!
@TheBloggess night night.

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