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Monday, August 17, 2009

From Twitter 08-17-2009

  • 04:52:31: "They mock me cos I'm not one of the fancy, but who would fancy anyone in rude moleskin trousers?" "A rude mole?" Workout to Round the Horne
  • 05:08:18: @Glinner they will come around, in time, Graham. Even the grumpy. Soon, all will join us in our Twitter Kingdom. And then - to the Stars!
  • 05:14:51: Right. I found the gym, exercised, dressed, and am now off to spend a day in pre-production on a silent movie. 36 hours till Edinburgh.
  • 05:19:33: @saifulmusa that film is @avary's not mine.
  • 08:21:30: Talked to location manager, interviewing crew, chewing over budget. Also waved at Lenny Henry who appeared and was rude about my hair, bless
  • 09:21:35: @mandyesque the one she thinks is mullety is the one on the back of American Gods. I just think it looks like a bad hair day..,
  • 09:24:12: People keep being excited about the silent movie script. Which brings me-the-writer joy and fills me-the-director with nerves.
  • 09:32:17: It's #followfriday: Wordmongers all in different ways: @bengoldacre, @corydoctorow, @scalzi, @leahmoore, @glinner, @joe_hill, @greatdismal.
  • 09:33:09: @skyla79 mostly British I think. More than American.
  • 10:28:57: Blog entry up: A quick one: posted by Neil Very quick one just to say I'm in the offices of a film..
  • 12:05:35: Well, I checked and it defintely wasn't Saturday. Probably should have checked in retrospect.
  • 12:57:15: Listening to my producer talk to potential film editors. I want an editor with poetry and magic in his/her soul. Hope to find one tomorrow
  • 17:10:09: Am in kikuchi with @mitchbenn &@msclara learning about his twitter history of the world and #babyscifi
  • 18:35:37: @hazenw sorry.
  • 18:36:08: @PenguinBookshop BRILLIANT! Can't wait to see photos and things.
  • 18:36:57: @Astartiel oh good.
  • 18:38:04: @BaronessHeather it does, doesn't it?
  • 18:38:53: @lydianguy quiet is fine. I want a sense that there's something happening inside, though.
  • 18:39:23: @MugOfGasoline this is my film.
  • 18:44:00: @case71 @Dominitus @flippantfilms @pinkraven @hwickham @JessersLA if in London & for real, get CVs to Hilary Bevan Jones, Endor Productions.
  • 18:44:39: RT oops. @carlrigney: @neilhimself Cory is @doctorow not @corydoctorow but otherwise great list!
  • 19:03:02: @LHRodriguez Oh good. I hope they like it.
  • 19:04:10: @RodriguezRafa It's something you can Google - longer than 140 chars.
  • 19:12:53: Back in hotel room. Wishing I was a bit less jetlagged. Wonderful dinner with the Benns, @hollyherself, and my scary goddaughter(plus one).
  • 19:13:40: @sheepwithblogs I thought it was about the patterns described by classic fairy tales.
  • 19:28:34: @sheepwithblogs fascinating. What did you take form the last verse, then?
  • 19:29:26: @MsClara it's because you're really funny, and you tell me things I didn't know before. Also, because you're a beetle.
  • 19:32:06: @fpinternational ah. Wish I could've been there.
  • 19:36:09: @JMcManamy say hello to Jeanie for me!
  • 19:47:59: @sheepwithblogs interesting. Thanks.
  • 19:48:37: @Maudelynn Me? I said nothing. Didn't even think it.
  • 20:24:00: @peelinganorange Do you really think the writer has any control over the price of the books?
  • 20:31:07: I was asked for something of mine appropriate to be read aloud at a Wedding. Anyone read anything I'd written at a wedding - & if so what?
  • 20:54:47: @peelinganorange um. You do know that Watchmen is $19.99 and Sand:The KIndly Ones is longer than Watchmen and $19.99, don't you?
  • 20:56:18: RT aha! A wise not-cynical suggestion @blueinsideout: @neilhimself What about the wedding poem you wrote at
  • 20:56:50: @docbrite Oh Poppy. I love you. With attack flamingos.
  • 20:59:41: But i like all the other strange cynical upside down this-made-me-happy-at-a-wedding quote or story suggestions too.
  • 21:31:56: @lefthandpenguin no. Why would I want something I'd written read at my wedding? That would be weird.
  • 21:35:18: Right. Up too late. Meetings soon, so I'd better sleep. Here's a diabolical video from the lovely @herasings

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