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Sunday, August 16, 2009

From Twitter 08-16-2009

  • 07:04:13: Slept for about 12 hours. I am now up and awake. Look a bit rumpled, but the most rested I've felt in a month. May see if hotel has a gym.
  • 07:05:43: For those of you in Edinburgh, the lovely and gracious Miss @amandapalmer will be signing at 3pm at Forbidden Planet. She may play Ukulele.
  • 07:24:49: @angelwhitetiger You can still come to the signing (although they aren't any fun). And sorry - not there yet and don't know what's on.
  • 07:26:19: @amandapalmer I assume the huge cheesecake is to undo all the good the gym did, and the sweet love is to get me so happy I don't notice this
  • 07:40:03: @insignifikunt Sex burns abt 400 calories an hour. A slice of cheesecake factory Original Cheesecake is 770 calories. It's 2 hours a slice.
  • 07:44:31: @stevenmitchellw I'm just trying to figure out where @amandapalmer got the idea I was a cheesecake fan.
  • 07:46:40: Argh. Said the three-letter S word in a tweet and now the spamfollowbots are out en masse .
  • 07:53:45: @atgm613 Tweetdeck gives you that option (a one-click block and report as spam).
  • 08:23:20: @KarenEssex let's see. Um. A hint. Your name ends with it?
  • 08:26:03: @stevenmitchellw she now claims cheesecake was only metaphorical expression of her love. Wondering if metaphorical gym workout would do too
  • 08:46:05: @textileaudio personally, I'm with you on this.
  • 08:47:27: @markjuelich There's never any rationale to it: a weekend that I'm in the area.
  • 09:02:24: @slovobooks I was trying to figure out how to use the Goodies S E (fingerslashoneway fingerslashtheother) on Twitter, but failed.
  • 09:12:02: RT ahh. @sxipshirey: Repost this music again. I love its incredible social component and physical beauty of action
  • 09:26:02: There I am going to Tweet Terri WIndling's Autumn Print Sale and then I am finally going to eat something.
  • 12:14:24: @varin my work here is done. :)
  • 12:15:44: @Parttimepoetoma you aren't a pest. But I get a few thousand tweets a day so it's really only luck if I see any or not. And yes, it did.
  • 12:18:19: @nataliefisher It's true that all custard creams WERE eaten. But I can safely say that He Who Ate Them would also have @wossy's pantry key.
  • 12:19:18: @CaptRaspberry do something else. Or write something else. Go and talk to people. Chop wood. Write poetry or blog.
  • 12:20:42: @Jackstabs I'm not sure. "Urban Fantasy" perhaps. I called it a Magic CIty story when I wrote it.
  • 12:22:59: @TabataShou did exercise with huge elastic band in hotel room instead, as I got stuck waiting for a phone call. But I *did* exercise.
  • 12:38:08: @fpinternational - Wonderful photo of @amandapalmer. Wish I'd been there.
  • 14:19:36: RT 1 day it's snogs on YouTube, then contumely & lies @Wossy: @neilhimself Give me back the key to my pantry you big bellied hugo hog !!!
  • 16:55:03: RT (from the HousingWorks fundraiser) @lilyenc: excellent, edited video of "I Google You" with great audio:
  • 16:57:36: @Wossy Dear Jonathan "Ate the Whole Packet" Ross: better to be a Hugo hog than a Custard Cream Hog. Yours , Neil "Four Hugos" Gaiman.
  • 16:58:11: @peterstraubnyc you never do. (And I laughed out loud.)
  • 17:03:32: @alancfrancis definitely signing. Suspect that we'll set limits when we see how long the line is. But yes, bring both.
  • 17:04:23: @dprazer I think March is already eaten by the New Zealand Arts Festival...
  • 17:09:04: RT it's there all right - BBC version @adamwilcox: Watch @neilhimself's Neverwhere on MSN Player:
  • 17:19:05: @apdunne it looked amazingly clean from the first couple of minutes. Thanks so much.
  • 17:19:44: @bryanna99 I write books, mostly.
  • 17:22:11: @CallMeGoldie Del Close! I met him once - he came down to a signing in Chicago, and we got to chat. Really nice man. Now a Hamlet Skull.
  • 17:24:30: @azasaur Yes.
  • 17:25:38: @Kercal depends on whether or not I can get near a printer over the next few days.
  • 17:30:46: @amandapalmer but I *like* the breakfasts here. Does that mean we have to break up now or something?
  • 17:36:05: SOrry @Nergal2 @lotuselyse - you're right, that doesn't work in the US. (But it is on streaming Netflix there.)
  • 17:43:10: @Kercal oh. If I've got until October, sure.
  • 17:47:26: RT Fuck yes. @GreatDismal: Rick Perlstein: "In America, Crazy Is A Preexisting Condition" Pins it, superbly.
  • 17:48:22: @GodTheMother only that I want to be buried so I can come back as a zombie. Zombie ashes would be silly.
  • 18:00:25: @twinklette of course, when you get there, Vegas will have... disappeared!
  • 18:01:51: @TrevorTrujillo the birds AND the bees.
  • 18:03:49: @katterfelto nope. I think each country has its own unique flavours of crazy.
  • 18:26:39: @TempleofAnubis you didn't seem like you wanted support. It's that brave face on it thing. But hang in there. It gets better.
  • 18:27:31: @Selana1505 I do not know. Publishers are wary of things that rhyme or alphabet as translating can be a problem.
  • 18:35:47: @gracemonk @dryad23isfree that's not what the article says. It says that lunatic fringe is legitimised and manipulated.
  • 18:40:50: For the record, perhaps because I'm from the UK, I think healthcare is a human right, like education . Not something to make companies rich.
  • 18:43:48: @DrSamuelJohnson Very fine quip, sir, very fine. A veritable RIB-BURSTER. #18thCenturyComedy
  • 18:59:09: @dryad23isfree Fascinating. Now explain the whole life expectancy thing (UK 77m 82 f US 74m 80f).
  • 19:01:08: @jheiselman some countries have insurance as their means to provide healthcare. Some voucher. Some just provide.
  • 19:15:16: @ng66 never been my experience in the UK, no.
  • 19:17:12: @fernandorojas my kids were all educated in the US public system. They did (are doing) really well.
  • 19:19:01: @philster043 In the UK you can always Go Private. The NHS is not a monopoly.
  • 19:19:29: @nataliefisher me.
  • 19:27:39: @philster043 it seems to be thriving everywhere else in the world. Despite the fact that everywhere provides healthcare as a right.
  • 19:39:57: @gracemonk then you have a private option. That won't ever go away.
  • 20:06:10: @ovidem I have 3 kids in and through it. One's a software engineer at Google, one's taking her master's in education, one's an A student...
  • 20:06:42: @ElectricPencils you can find my agent's details on my website's FAQ.
  • 20:14:27: Goodnight people arguing with me & each other over healthcare. ( for last 100ish posts). Enjoy yourselves. I sleep now.

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