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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Twitter 08-18-2009

  • 03:53:02: @drowning_in fine - that's the system in the uk...
  • 03:54:57: @BraveLilToaster while I adore the bloggess, I find myself awkwardly supporting Mr Shatner's right to randomly block anyone for any reason.
  • 03:56:07: @PresHarryTruman no. One of the ghouls names himself after President Truman. They call themselves after their first meal...
  • 04:00:07: @peelinganorange they do. They are out there in ten paperback volumes, priced from $14 to $19 for people who can't afford Absolutes.
  • 04:14:56: @dizzheart film editor, not book editor. Two different jobs, same word. (Although I have known many book editors who were poets)
  • 04:15:24: @Colin9682311 I did.
  • 09:36:04: If you're reading Metamorpho in Wednesday Comics, he had a theme song. It's not the Batman theme. Or, y'know, good:
  • 09:36:52: @TheMetalItGirl the readings/talks are sold out. The signings are open to the public.
  • 10:00:17: Got a film editor, thank you all. She's going to be perfect. Just talking to make-up designer (Sheelagh Wells).
  • 12:02:43: @fan_of_film what a strange thing to think.
  • 12:04:48: @peelinganorange I know. You keep saying that. Why don't you just buy the paperbacks?
  • 12:06:53: @peelinganorange actually, Amazon does it for 13.59 - $14.95 a volume. How much cheaper do you want them?
  • 12:08:45: Oh good. I have my star, who was my first (and only) choice. I have a costume designer. We agree about things. This is fun.
  • 13:27:39: the fine folk at Google have made my phone work in the UK! Happy little mytouch. Happy me.
  • 14:04:50: @LillithLeda agreed. But it works! Look! I am in an airport!
  • 14:06:28: @richmaxcut Edinburgh book festival. Or Amanda palmer gigs.
  • 14:10:59: I can tell you it's an 8 minute long silent film, which will premiere in the UK on Sky movies just before Xmas . Will reveal casting Asap.
  • 14:57:22: @Enchantedbooks yup

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