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Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Twitter 08-15-2009

  • 07:39:12: @amandapalmer I'm on the same island as you. also, I love you.
  • 07:40:37: @lauriepink I thought you were my friend
  • 07:42:59: In the UK. Lovely android phone still convinced there is no signal outside America despite everything the nice Google folk have done. Argh.
  • 07:51:38: Thank you for all your suggestions. Alas all I get is an error message telling me my SIMcard does not talk to grotty foreigners.
  • 08:58:31: @JOHN_ICEKNIFE no, it works in Canada too. Would probably work in Mexico. Do you really spend time on twitter correcting people like that?
  • 09:00:24: @superberg good idea. Still "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network."
  • 09:00:44: @MitchBenn the usual hotel, the usual number. Here until Tuesday night.
  • 09:04:45: @julieacrisp thank you. We need to figure out when I'm giving you time, don't we?
  • 09:13:26: @MitchBenn I'll be in preproduction on my silent movie Monday and Tuesday, interviewing designers, actors etc. But, hmm...
  • 09:13:41: @ogmore03 I might do
  • 09:15:38: I'm not phoneless: I've a UK cellphone, and possibly even a SIM I can swap out. But fewer calls would be lost if I got the MyTouch number up
  • 09:37:54: @palomin0 not really. NEVERWHERE's in Hotel. I'm in a bunch of other songs.
  • 09:38:17: @ajosshi two signings in Edinburgh next week.
  • 09:38:35: @justinbellinger it's just you.
  • 10:00:46: @JonStrickland I LOVE Google voice. But it won't forward to a non-US number.
  • 10:02:21: @theagilmore no... but can I lure you to Edinburgh, or London?
  • 10:04:24: Lots of you are pointing me to Google Voice. Which I use already and is seriously wonderful, but won't forward to non-US numbers yet.
  • 10:06:18: The nice people at Google are now investigating why my SIM card won't work outside North America. I set up text-Twitter on UK phone as well.
  • 10:28:00: Fascinating article on Salon about Twitter Addiction, and Cold Turkey:
  • 10:28:31: @muskrat_john I think I was reading it as you twittered that. And you was the first.
  • 11:11:59: @fireybiscuits because...?
  • 11:36:39: @fireybiscuits My girlfriend has an iPhone she's carefully not using abroad after finding out how much it had cost her for 3 days in Russia
  • 11:53:45: RT @thesarahcoleman RT @BoingBoing: Bob Dylan mistaken for hobo on 40th anniversary of Woodstock
  • 12:20:25: @Maudelynn also significantly better than his novels.
  • 12:42:26: @Parttimepoetoma you'd have to link me to the poem, after these years.
  • 12:43:12: @ayeletw definitely. Dieting is horsetrading with god. He forgives you the bun, and you forego an icecream another day.
  • 12:54:06: RT Attn Brasil Kurt needs pig back @mistressmousey: RT @rob_t_firefly Brasil: Have you seen this pig? #InSoc
  • 12:55:03: @kate_edge you are very welcome.
  • 18:22:47: @MitchBenn not for this (although I did try and figure out whether I could shoehorn you in as an extra-who-does-something). Chat tomorrow?
  • 18:24:15: Lovely meal with @maddyg44, @hollyherself and their mum. Sort of fell asleep, now sort of awake in that transatlantic crossing sort of way.
  • 18:27:02: So I will take my advance proof of R. Crumb's retelling of the Book of Genesis back to bed and marvel at it. (It'll be the Book of the Year)
  • 19:09:10: For some reason many of you think the Crumb GENESIS is me being silly: look at this And now, goodnight.

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