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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From Twitter 08-12-2009

  • 06:01:07: The downsides to being asleep by 9.00pm a) being awake at 4:30am b) missing the meteors c) er, that's all I can think of right now.
  • 06:12:35: @emilynbrodsky or you could have a couple of extra vat-grown fingers attached -- a significantly less easy option.
  • 06:17:26: @peligrisisimo a terrifying children's cook? Hm. Sort of like Sweeny Todd, but for seven year olds?
  • 06:56:39: How GOOD OMENS was not written -- me plotting & @terryandrob scattering jokes:
  • 07:03:11: These are amazing: @finallykyle portraits of fans at Worldcon. Beautiful, tender images
  • 07:27:09: @astrochris nope. not like that either.
  • 08:06:51: @thesecretsharer very wise on both counts. I send both.
  • 08:07:20: @stevenmitchellw Elvis Costello's MYSTERY DANCE.
  • 08:09:41: @subhajitb @dpanjana @rpillala @arktemplar I knew it looked wrong. Not to worry. Deleted now.
  • 08:32:36: The How Good Omens Was Not Written Art was from (she gave me the original at the signing)
  • 09:06:10: @bengoldacre I read that as "airborne rabbits fight off swine flu" originally. Just as strange a story.
  • 09:58:06: @airgonaut now I'm curious. Which @davemckean picture are you getting as your tattoo?
  • 10:01:45: @Randazzoj my Onions arrived! Hurrah. Jubilation. Consider yourself acclaimed and thanked by a grateful nation.
  • 10:50:12: @_kerrin yes. I'm sad and I never ever signed there.
  • 11:09:09: Look: @finallykyle made my blog post into a tee shirt, approved of by the man himself --
  • 11:09:57: @airgonaut Beautiful. Send me a twitpic when it's done. First Graveyard Book Tattoo, as far as I know.
  • 11:11:31: @KarinAvital I have!
  • 12:33:12: @Lexi_Dizzle is that the Snakes and Ladders page? Just wait untl pages 8 & 9....
  • 12:47:43: @MitchBenn You were doing ok til "designed to screw patients". It's designed to make profits for insurance companies, and always succeeds.
  • 12:48:54: @AnneBillson the mechanical doll music?
  • 12:50:54: @MitchBenn that patients get screwed sometimes or get better sometimes seems strangely immaterial.
  • 14:08:44: @PhilDyson the latter does not necessarily include the former. Some patients are made well and are not financially destroyed on the way.
  • 14:11:55: RT good lord, he did @JohnAnealio: wrote and recorded a song that was inspired by your George R.R. Martin blog post:
  • 15:08:21: @csdaley I don't think it'll ever happen. But you reminded me that I'd bought the cover from the artist 3 years ago, and never collected...
  • 15:10:08: @TempleofAnubis Go You! Er.
  • 15:11:10: @GreatDismal Bill. You discovered the Boosh.
  • 18:22:44: Email from my editor saying The Graveyard Book's at #7 on the Bestseller list. That makes Week 45? Will it make it to a year, and pie?
  • 18:46:35: @GemMorgan er, I was disputing Mitch's statement that the US healthcare was about screwing patients not getting them better. Why rubbish?
  • 18:53:34: @LKHamilton me too. She's made it from Russia to the UK, so I'm counting down until I get to see her. (Next tuesday night.)
  • 18:55:04: @cassidine thank you!
  • 19:03:04: RT & huge fun it was too @doctorow: I read Cory's story "The Right Book" (video) #anticipation
  • 19:36:22: @notmytao happy.
  • 20:44:03: @varikin not unless you have a good place for it to go. I wouldn't ever want people with extra copies, if you see what I mean.
  • 23:23:42: @somebadideas I'm a HUGE Chris Morris fan - Alan Moore acting out Brass Eye episodes persuaded me to get the DVD.
  • 23:26:29: @SpaceKace01 well, I would have described it as "@Davemckean's masterful allegory", not mine, but I wrote all the script that Dave didn't.
  • 23:28:12: @stephietan no. I was stung a couple of times in the first year, once last year and once this year. It hurt for a little then it stopped.

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