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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From Twitter 08-11-2009

  • 00:03:50: @Chamberdrums gotcha!
  • 00:07:37: @Undented I really liked hearing the ones she did.Neil songs she's played more rarely when I'm there over the years.
  • 00:13:15: Puzzled
  • 00:16:25: Puzzled people tweeting to ask if I'm the neil in the tori songs. Um, yes. Hi, by the way.
  • 00:18:13: Also I love it when an irritating touchscreen posts a random word.
  • 01:27:20: Photo of me, Frank Wu and Elizabeth Bear with our Hugo Awards at
  • 01:29:49: @rguillory we met at her wedding, but that was all.
  • 01:35:33: Astonishingly kind article by @damiengwalter about me, on the Guardian Book Blog
  • 01:37:51: Also, @Paul_Cornell should actually have got a Hugo nomination for best Graphic Story for Captain Britain & MI:13 per
  • 02:07:46: @lytab_au Well, @rantzhoseley gave me a cassette of her music and told me she sang about me on it. It had a phone number so I called.
  • 02:11:03: You can actually see the "blue ribbons" our honey won at, and read @birdchick's thoughts on it at
  • 02:32:05: The Hugo Award Novel nominees (I am the one with a jacket but without a tie, for those of you trying to work it out)
  • 02:48:10: @shinigamioni @wathas I like wearing glasses with suits and posh jackets. Makes me feel vaguely studious. Mostly I just use them to drive.
  • 02:50:09: Here's a page from Charles Vess's upcoming adaptation of INSTRUCTIONS. May have to take it down when people notice:
  • 08:25:36: RT @lisawalkscom: auction for bear w/ @neilhimself autograph & photo! @avonwalks for breast cancer! Pls RT! #ptb
  • 08:58:03: @bstiteler right. Viva Knievel! is the GREATEST MOVIE EVER, but you give me grief for liking Shortbus. Just saying.
  • 08:58:52: @i_am_everything sort of. I'm at the Book Festival while @amandapalmer is at the Fringe and the Edge. Division of labour.
  • 08:59:31: @ratmando I think I can confidently state that, no, I never think "I'm the tiger woods of literature". But thank you.
  • 09:09:51: On airport shuttle. Will sleep on plane I hope. then mad catch up to end of week. Farewell o Canada.
  • 10:55:18: @Glinner thank you Graham
  • 13:11:48: @amanduhh thank you
  • 15:41:00: @ericare yup. I've done at least 4 visits and signings in Oslo (and one in Bergen) over the last decade.
  • 15:45:53: Home. Exhausted but glad I got to be Guest of Honour at such a great Worldcon. Ate plums from tree & the last raspberries & knew I was home
  • 15:51:08: @Alfamehl checking to see if it was blackcurrant flavour Hugo or the regular lemon-and-lime.
  • 16:36:25: @MediaMaimonides It was a pretty good hotel. Some overcrowding on the lifts, but that's sort of usual.
  • 16:37:21: @peterstraubnyc ah, thank you Peter. Don't know when I am next in New York, but we will eat together...
  • 18:38:35: @theozdreamer It must be such a bad, bad thing to live inside your head.
  • 20:30:06: Page 11 of Metamorpho to Mr Allred. @amandaplmer skyped. Worst email emergencies dealt with. A salad eaten. 100% knackered. I can haz bed?

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