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Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Twitter 08-13-2009

  • 00:00:10: If you are an ad executive planning to rip off this Ukrainian Sand animation for Coke or Sony, please die first:
  • 02:20:09: @SafaAlabedy definitely not. We do not condone murder at this twitter account. Even the thought of it makes us go all plural.
  • 02:35:21: @BGFCentral easily my best.
  • 02:36:36: Blog entry up: Underneath the Bats and the Stars: posted by Neil I know.I've got so many tabs open..
  • 02:39:29: @Valya not that i could tell, no.
  • 02:45:27: @cory101lol if you click on the link you will find out. It is like magic.
  • 02:57:36: @mikalgilmore whoo. That was a remarkable article.
  • 03:06:21: @AreUaHeartless it's really me. If you check my profile page you'll see a VERIFIED tag.
  • 03:14:01: @stopme63 I can. But that's because you posted it while I have the screen open. It's not reliable.
  • 03:19:42: @stopme63 it all comes in to me. But thousands of messages a day come into my replies box. And I'm not looking most of the time.
  • 03:37:50: @librarythingtim I think what @daniel_poeira misses is that Sand animation is a real term for a kind of performance art
  • 04:49:08: @richjohnston per David's definition of Prolific, quick, and able to turn my hand to anything, sure. Except for the quick bit.
  • 04:50:12: @AreUaHeartless ideas take fractions of seconds. It's everything else that takes years.
  • 04:50:52: Is that the time? Oh god. Goodnight world.
  • 04:52:27: Let's see @Widgett what about "A Really Fairly Uninteresting Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" ? #failedbroadwayshowtitles
  • 12:18:32: Nah. The Snakes and Laddeers had been part of the plan since the beginning. Wait till pages 8 and 9...
  • 12:36:30: oops. That was meant to be a reply to someone, but Tweetgrid is strange. Now I am back in comfy old Tweetdeck.
  • 13:17:14: Mad day before I leave for uk. Blood taken for lipid profile, now at dentist, then Npr meeting then bela fleck dinner. Zoom.
  • 14:03:01: @cdibona Chris is there a way to teach the android screen typer words? I want to stop it changing uk to ukulele every time.
  • 14:47:19: In which @paul_cornell is a class act.
  • 14:48:39: @Highmountain4 Aug 26th.
  • 14:51:02: Academic freedom to show what you're discussing seems pretty important to me. This is a complete #yalefail
  • 15:06:33: @rianeiru I know. I just want to be able to teach it.
  • 15:08:53: @exitmusicblue but printing actual child porn is illegal.
  • 15:13:11: @RorySMiller but I haven't written American Gods 2 yet.
  • 15:50:50: @rianeiru not a problem. The joy of Twitter is chiming in.
  • 15:55:56: @niablack means they buy the right to publish it first. After that you can do what you want?
  • 16:11:26: RIP Les Paul. Here's his song "NOLA", which makes me inexplicably jaunty and happy and irritates everyone else:
  • 16:35:42: @davidmbarnett has the same effect on me, mind.
  • 17:40:47: @Vidalia how odd -- i never saw the original of that. Thanks for retweeting it.
  • 17:50:57: @Vidalia thanks for retweeting it, then. I wonder what she wants.
  • 18:22:57: Blog entry up: "We're individuals in the community...": posted by Neil For those wondering about t..
  • 18:41:38: For those curious about the Charles Vess book of my poem "Instructions", Charles has blogged it:
  • 18:43:00: @tzikeh about what I'd think if he'd equated them to Daleks and goblins. Meanspirited silliness.
  • 22:50:48: Wonderful dinner with Bela Fleck and Abby Washburn. Now watching him do Q&A for THROW DOWN YOUR HEART his documentary on Africa and Banjo.
  • 22:53:16: @scsautter I'm on it.
  • 23:01:30: Mostly the 3 of us talked life and love and art. But also discussed how to release his Danse Macabre (with Ben Sollee) to the world.

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