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Monday, August 10, 2009

From Twitter 08-10-2009

  • 01:00:10: We have wented out for latenightl Chinese food. @lotuselise, @zer_netmouse and me. Trashed but happy. They talk while I zone out. It's good.
  • 01:02:50: @youstruckgold nope. No enlightenment here.
  • 01:36:06: Actually trashed=really exhausted in this case, as only drank tea. Thank you all so much for all the congratulations and love.
  • 01:37:09: @Astartiel it wasn't funny?
  • 01:38:47: @discordianquote not eligible for pulitzer as not American
  • 03:29:19: Blog entry up: Thank you kindly, Charlie Brown.: posted by Neil I'm really starting to like Google..
  • 03:37:15: A note to say , again, thanks for the congrats, & you can listen (& watch) the whole of The Graveyard Book FOR FREE at
  • 03:41:26: @amandapalmer going to sleep now. Love you. Miss you. And "I expect I will" is definitely more probable than a "Probably".
  • 10:07:48: @DaveMcKean thank you! No, it's for SF and fantasy both. The first short story Hugo was for Bloch's "Hell-Bound Train", a fantasy story.
  • 10:10:13: @SpiritualRebel it has become a tradition.
  • 10:30:25: @LKHamilton yup. It's the running out of, well, everything.
  • 10:53:16: So many congratulations! Thank you, thank you all. Now off to Kaffeektlatsch and signing. Then Toronto and Tori. Bit tired but all's good.
  • 18:43:09: Tiny Toronto adventure has begun. Met the Scalzis at baggage claim. Arrived at Tori's backstage in time for the moustache competition.
  • 20:46:42: Right. Settled in audience. Last time I saw tori play was in Budapest. Good to see the family and @mattboomdrum again.
  • 23:23:13: She's been my friend and sort-of-sister for 18 years exactly. We were best friends the day we met. & she's still got it. @therealtoriamos

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