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Sunday, August 9, 2009

From Twitter 08-09-2009

  • 00:25:52: @JamilahandCatz Sorry -- see the last para of my last blog post.
  • 00:42:36: @Kips206 it's going to be so much fun.
  • 00:45:27: @fabulouslorrain well, they're definitely doing something. Hard to tell from the pictures if they're building comb or taking it away.
  • 00:46:03: @smgracie thank you very much.
  • 00:46:41: @FishWithSticks I didn't. That's wonderful... I think.
  • 00:47:33: RT they liked it! @carlrigney: "This makes up for everything bad that has ever happened in my entire life ever" -- M. Cain after teen sushi.
  • 00:52:01: @blondiexxxxxx as long as Crowley looks like he could be in fashion and Aziraphale isn't ever ever ever, you'll be fine.
  • 00:57:02: Long day over. Trying to stay awake just a little bit longer to say good night (and good morning) to a girl in Moscow.
  • 01:54:15: Sign PETITION: Free Maziar Bahari -Canadian/Iranian filmmaker and Newsweek correspondent detained in Iran since June 21
  • 09:40:24: @Quiggz which agent did you ask?
  • 09:41:25: @PersonalNina only with better dress sense, I hope.
  • 09:45:54: Stayed awake late in Montreal till @amandapalmer in Russia woke up last night to talk to her, then fell asleep on the phone midconversation.
  • 09:47:24: Now off to face the day, secure in the armour of my @neverwear "I believe" American Gods t-shirt. Hurrah! #worldcon
  • 19:09:47: Exhausted nap over: struggling back to wakefulness while getting dressed for Hugo thingummy tonight. @jasonwebley's 11 saints loud on iPod.
  • 20:36:12: At Hugo award ceremonies. Hugo logo unveiled & world did not end. This year's design just shown. Neal Stephenson says he may one day twitter
  • 20:39:32: Follow @thehugoawards for realtime award announcements.
  • 21:13:16: @LindaHNH definitely
  • 21:47:14: Fuck! It won!
  • 21:48:07: Also the Hugo is really heavy this year. Also fuck!

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