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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From Twitter 08-04-2009

  • 00:00:16: Now watching Kathy Acker-written VARIETY. Meh. Remember I liked it better in 1984. The NY location stuff is beautiful though. & I miss Kathy
  • 00:44:06: @jadedturtle they crop up on page 6. Then it's plot all the way.
  • 00:45:08: @Theremina she was a really good friend, and a great writer and she died much too young.
  • 00:54:25: @pericula yodel? YOU YODEL? ZOMG Peri.
  • 01:25:18: @edrafalko we met when I was a young journalist at a publishing lanch party for Tama Janowitz. Or possibly Spalding Grey. And made friends.
  • 01:30:58: @Theremina Oh yeah. That's true. Bits of KA were in Delirium at the beginning.
  • 01:31:40: @vampandora thank god for that. Remind me to give her a raise.
  • 01:48:54: Writing Metamorpho. Trying to decide if broccoli is funnier than Kohlrabi i9n a list of vegetables.
  • 01:50:14: @GinaGlenn looks fabulous. And congratulations.
  • 02:01:52: So far the broccoli/kohlrabi votes are pretty much evenly split. Although several of you think "rutabaga" is funnier than either.
  • 02:12:19: (Okay. The line now reads) Java: "Java dreams of giant vegetables. Chiefly rutabaga and unusually knobbly turnips. But not Broccoli."
  • 02:15:28: FOR GOD'S SAKE PEOPLE: KUMQUATS ARE A FRUIT! (This was a public service wossname.)
  • 02:30:50: For those of you wha want to know what my twitter feed looks like right now (and why I mention kumquats) click on
  • 03:03:54: @MitzyG @PaleSaent I don't even try to keep up with it.
  • 03:16:08: RT (the line between comedy and horror is so thin) @BeatGirl: nothing funny about broccoli. Broccoli is dead serious and is coming for you.
  • 03:16:26: @sorchas_swans good idea.
  • 03:35:53: @whittles did you meet Kitty AKA @neverwear? (She might have fed you.)
  • 04:02:33: Right. It really is bedtime now. G'night. Go and watch @realclivebarker write beautifully about sex-shows & eggs & pingpong balls instead.
  • 11:43:53: Good morning. Was just informed that I'm reading The Graveyard Book on the front page of The Bookseller website -
  • 11:45:44: Also, seriously delighted to learn I'm nominated for 2 World Fantasy Awards: (The honor and joy for me is the noms)
  • 12:44:30: @MidnightRem it's the hair, isn't it?
  • 12:55:16: @MidnightRem examples?
  • 13:27:56: @MidnightRem and I thought both those tweets were funny. Am heartbroken.
  • 13:32:32: @JacquiDeegan Sure. I read enough Arthur books to @maddyg44 when she was smaller.
  • 13:46:10: On baby plane to Montreal. Grabbed a Google Voice phone-number filled with sixes. Will write on plane. All is good. Cirquevisit tomorrow.
  • 13:47:38: @peterstraubnyc I obviously do not get out enough.
  • 13:48:48: RT @rustyrockets Eddie Izzard is running round the country for Sport Relief out of pure love support him here
  • 13:54:34: Friends keep walking past me. Is everyone on this plane going to Worldcon?
  • 16:27:21: @LKHamilton hi laurel! I love writing on planes...
  • 18:17:13: @gershwhen nope. I only swear when I'm surprised and delighted at the same time.
  • 18:21:36: I meant to link to @ivyratafia's account of what I was doing 14 years ago here, 5 days ago. Better late than never.
  • 19:15:56: Failed completely to get @amandapalmer in Russia. Both Skype and Google Voice hate her Russian Cell number. Ah willow willow. Now Sushi!
  • 19:18:28: @ElisabethNeveux have fun. If you eat at the Green Goddess restaurant mention the Mezze of Destruction and get bonus cool food.
  • 19:35:21: @bstiteler does it make international phone calls?

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