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Monday, August 3, 2009

From Twitter 08-03-2009

  • 00:32:17: @heivilinj exactly. It's how I feel about my dog.
  • 00:33:21: There. Metamorpho Page 9 has gone off. I think Pages 8 and 9 may be the oddest two pages of comics I've ever done. & the hardest technically
  • 00:34:31: Also, Googling Gallium gave me The Periodic Table of Comic Books -- Wish this was around when I was at school.
  • 00:36:00: BIG storm hitting Minneapolis right now. Hope it comes here. I'm in the kind of mood that could do with a monstrous storm.
  • 00:49:11: @atgm613 sure. Those are the good ones.
  • 00:51:45: @amandapalmer er, me, actually. Told you. Also, love you.
  • 01:03:54: @SaraJBenincasa so what gave you the idea to do bathtub interviews?
  • 01:12:40: @SaraJBenincasa and what were the most fun and unexpected results of doing them?
  • 01:16:46: @katebornstein sleep safely. I don't know if I still have any pull in those parts, but you never know.
  • 01:34:28: BEST. STORM. EVER. (me). I am hiding under the desk and please let me know when it's over. (My Dog Cabal.)
  • 01:55:28: The sky burns with continual lightning, the world echoes with thunder that does not stop. I exult and hope it goes on forever.The dog sighs.
  • 01:56:21: @kajjajja but sticky. And not in a hot way.
  • 01:58:14: Also, trying to persuade one very wet, scared cat to come in from the garden. She thinks I did the storm on purpose.
  • 02:04:56: @gliovampire thank you!
  • 02:05:25: @Sidhlariel neither. He's a try-and-occupy-the-same-space-I-am-for-reassurance sort of dog.
  • 02:06:23: @fabulouslorrain Oh. It's one in the morning. I only just noticed. If I'd known I might not've.
  • 02:48:34: @amandapalmer Tea. I bet you could get a decent cup of tea there. Which gives Heathrow an edge on, well, most American states. And Belgium.
  • 02:54:27: @babykcpface yup. I think there's a signing after each of the Book Festival events. And after Amanda's gig on the 22nd we may sign together.
  • 02:58:42: Was just sent this: last time this make it into popular culture it was Obama v Hilary. Now it's Big Brother. & Youtube
  • 03:11:19: @diannagraf so glad they made you happy.
  • 03:22:10: @ThenTheresBeth only if you're up for any possible consequences.
  • 03:39:30: @strangetikigod I just like that it's crept into pop culture -- here's the presidential version from last year
  • 03:49:55: @DBroe really? I think it's the best.
  • 03:57:27: @Hans_Karl fascinating.
  • 03:59:01: Right. Going to bed. The thunder's past and the cat's inside. Goodnight everything.
  • 13:11:49: @leahmoore let me see what I've got here.
  • 13:19:15: @eva_nidart I really want to come to Russia. I was meant to come out for the Moscow Book Fair, but the ball was dropped. 2010, then, I hope?
  • 15:15:03: It wasn't identity theft screwing up my credit rating. Twas the idiot state of idiot california deciding I lived there & wasn't paying tax.
  • 15:15:50: I know that California is bankrupt and stupid, but ohhhh the stupidness and ohhh the cupidity. Twerps.
  • 15:22:27: They decided I lived there & wasn't paying tax & took out a Tax Lien; then cancelled it when we yelled, but it lives on in the credit rpt.
  • 15:34:03: @amyordreamlogic I think so. (What did you think cupidity meant?)
  • 15:36:31: Right. I just spoke to a nice man who pretended he wasn't in India who said he'd get onto fixing it. We shall see what happens.
  • 15:36:58: @82Bless nope.
  • 15:48:39: @amyordreamlogic exactly. Even if they're cutting grants to women's groups and school meals, they're still greedy...
  • 17:44:10: @jessealex77 nope. Never lived or worked there.
  • 17:46:18: @frameJockey Yup. That's my name all right.
  • 17:46:58: @hollyblack Oh. Suddenly I hate them more.
  • 17:59:05: @i_am_scifi Per the court, Erik's company owes me $40,000 for using my name to promote a book they didn't pay me for. Of course he's pissy.
  • 18:01:43: Charles Vess fans will be happy to know that DRAWING DOWN THE MOON, his art book, is coming
  • 18:04:48: @i_am_scifi Nah. I don't think Erik actually believes any of this stuff he says. It's like a presidential spokesman. Kinda sad.
  • 18:36:45: @bleedingcool funny man. You'd think a $40,000 judgment against him might make him check his facts before talking.
  • 20:21:33: @bwhancock that was why I didn't take the rights from him. The court case showed he didn't have any. Erik's a twit.
  • 20:22:00: @Morrollan very hopeful.
  • 20:53:50: @maddyg44 thank you, daughter dearest. Um, shouldn't you be in bed?
  • 21:30:19: @maddyg44 I love you too, darling. And am much too far away to tell you you to go to sleep. And you DO rock. So now, go to sleep. Goodnight.
  • 21:30:52: @Maudelynn @mattboomdrum looks like I will see Matt soon!
  • 21:33:52: @birdchick I think "vicacious" in that context is just a polite synonym for "entertainingly drunk".
  • 21:36:50: @maddyg44 I just saw you made the honor roll. So you can set your own bedtime tonight. Sleep well (eventually).
  • 22:32:29: "In Bruges" on the TV. Such a beautiful, smart film. Also am now the puzzled owner of a mysterious hulahoop and am told this is AFPs fault.
  • 22:59:25: @bstiteler It might have been a better film if Fr Dougal had played the C Farrell, Fr Ted the B Gleason and Fr Jack the Ralph Fiennes part.
  • 23:02:23: @trexcellent pros? If you're travelling and you want to take a lot of books with you, they don't weigh anything. Otherwise it stays in box.
  • 23:02:57: @lnaturale I have not. I'll check it out.
  • 23:24:13: @CraftieCrofty I don't care where the person I'm talking to is actually located. Except when it comes to rural Irish Fedex deliveries.
  • 23:32:31: @hepcat12 I'd spring for the Absolutes. Big, beautifully coloured, and lots of supplemental coolness.
  • 23:34:43: @Salvatore_Basho sweet! And funny.

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