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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Twitter 08-05-2009

  • 00:37:12: @yonderboy honestly, so do I. He's dangerous. And he has implanted gun-metal grey knife-blades beneath his fingernails.
  • 00:42:24: Just had late night drink with @davemckean. Before that Sushi with @johnpicacio and @miss_mu and her bloke Pat. (Kaizan-great waitstaff.)
  • 00:43:13: RT (from John's Iphone tonight at dinner) @JohnPicacio: - @neilhimself, @miss_mu, Patrick, & me @ Kaizan
  • 00:55:45: RT (I'm blank, ideas to) @nancystardust: my band is having a CD launch in a tiny, re-appropriated, empty church. any good decoration ideas?
  • 01:03:48: (That was a RT -- ReTweet-- people. I know nothing at all about @Nancystardust's CD. All queries and ideas to her, not me.)
  • 01:19:44: RT also retweet @ParnassusFilm: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus will be premiering in UK cinemas on October 16th. Spread the word.
  • 01:21:56: Right. Off computer. Onto sleeping. Goodnight world. If anyone in St Petersburg, Russia runs into @amandapalmer, tell her I love & miss her.
  • 08:56:16: A woman's marrying a fairground ride. It's either beautiful or the stupidest thing I've read today (via @ibwhitty)
  • 08:57:01: @dawn_dragon basically me, but Todd Klein did all the work.
  • 08:58:21: @sarahjpin honestly, without you on the nom list, sarah, it would be as ashes and wormwood in my mouth: meaningless frippery.
  • 08:59:55: @ayeletw I love your family.
  • 09:20:51: @scalzi sharing moose. It's socialism under another name.
  • 09:22:34: @savamaloy actually, I thought that made it much more beautiful and much less stupid.
  • 16:42:40: Happy award season. Our bees' honey took two blue ribbons (1st prize) at the county fair, for honey and for comb honey. Am beaming stupidly.
  • 16:53:53: @BenPaddon nope. They go in under Lorraine's name, and get judged blind.
  • 17:58:43: @DaveMckean - I think he means in general, Dave, not just in this photo.(You look affable. I look scary. It's d ...
  • 18:00:47: So @davemckean and I spent a glorious day at Cirque Du Soleil. It was wonderful. Thanks to @abwaite . (Me there: )
  • 18:04:54: Small heart attack: just needed to confirm that Lawrencium was Lw prior to 1963, (it's now Lr). Thought I'd screwed up. Hadn't, but close.
  • 18:06:02: @caeliat not a show. A day at Cirque HQ.
  • 18:22:41: RT @qikipedia: A quarter of people who grew up watching black and white TV dream in black and white. Less than 5% of under 25s do the same.
  • 18:23:33: @kevdog let me know if i get an IgNobel or a Darwin.
  • 22:14:25: @Sallyacious I did not. It was swear free news.
  • 22:14:44: @Crashleo nope. A skeletal Tintin.
  • 22:19:00: This evening @davemckean & I ate at L'Atelier, Montreal. Lovely food, and we talked about ghosts & dreams & if the dead wear bright colours.
  • 23:33:03: @miss_mu no you weren't.
  • 23:36:32: @Hyla_Brook looks wondrous but I'll be in Edinburgh at the international book festival
  • 23:37:23: @camorris that's wonderful

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