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Sunday, August 2, 2009

From Twitter 08-02-2009

  • 01:01:57: @ColinPeters It's from the dawn of time, in Twitter terms. Not even sure that Bill had arrived and started posting much back then.
  • 01:12:46: @herasings watching it now, Hera. Really good. Love that you're putting things like this up. Miss you. #lofnotc
  • 02:54:43: @GinaGlenn @LadyCatherine21 Ah. Bizarre. Well, I hope no-one turned up thinking I was there. (and congratulations!)
  • 02:57:52: G'night universe. Tomorrow, we get honey from the hives to submit to the county fair, & I will shave my face & write stuff. But now, sleep.
  • 04:26:28: @wereviking if by existential angst you mean worrying what goes next on a blank page then no; if you mean can I afford food & a roof, yes.
  • 13:12:18: @wereviking pretty irrelevant, that one. I liked it better when editors said no to things they disliked.
  • 13:13:20: RT (You should read this) @mbdrake: Article from Sir Terry Pratchett about assisted suicides makes compelling reading
  • 13:19:34: Today my girlfriend goes to Russia. My daughters are across the ocean. I still have bees, but you can't cuddle bees. Not even if they ask.
  • 13:53:06: @brendacooper @SolangeNoir @fabulouslorrain @Rynnegade @taniz @DaemonAAc @katieupsidedown please, people. I'm working on self-pity here.
  • 13:56:11: I know. I can cuddle the dog. He'll endure it, but always seems as awkward and uncomfortable as a sergeant being hugged by a major-general.
  • 13:59:07: (I send so much love across the ocean to @hollyherself.)
  • 14:00:46: @jbeauscott god, I hope so. We'd be a very strange couple if I weren't.
  • 14:10:38: RT @zootcadillac: as a retired Staff Sgt RA I can assure you that no officer would get past my 1000 yard stare to attempt hug ;)
  • 14:13:33: RT she's so good @joewalt: that statement reminds me of this Beaton strip:
  • 14:14:44: @amandapalmer I came. I said hullo. You were already gone. Ah, the speed of twitter. See you in Edinburgh.
  • 14:48:29: @Pele14 kind of. She's @therealtoriamos and does post on it, but doesn't interact with people yet.
  • 14:51:42: (It's not that the cats don't cuddle. it's that if I cuddle cats my eyes itch and puff and my skin goes red and blotchy. Alas.)
  • 14:58:14: @HearThem sure. As long as I wash my hands after stroking them I'm fine.
  • 15:33:46: @dirkdarkroom I do. It's fine for stroking. Not for cuddling.
  • 15:36:45: @SebbeoGroove how can I have five cats and be allergic to them, more to the point?
  • 15:37:48: @paul__murray I wasn't trying to do glaswegian. Just to do my cousin who went there and wound up sounding more scottish #thegraveyardbook
  • 15:38:56: @uvat I heard that too.
  • 15:40:39: Right. @birdchick is here. Now we go down to the hives and select honey to submit to County Fair. Will we keep the Blue Ribbon in 2009?
  • 15:48:54: @SebbeoGroove why yes, it does now you mention it. That's why I wash my hands after petting them, and do not cuddle them.
  • 16:03:43: @Agonyzer that's great.
  • 16:04:12: @Metz77 it's only a hobby once a year, as the fair is only once a year.
  • 16:04:39: @SebbeoGroove what animosity to cats?
  • 17:14:13: RT a bit wrong, a bit cute, you judge @mykeamend: Munny @amandaPalmer +@neilhimself sculptures by Brigid Ashwood.
  • 17:15:09: @lizargall @paulboccaccio Clarion is a wonderfulk place but I will be in Montreal for Worldcon by then #clarion
  • 17:36:18: @lennyr taking just a couple of frames, so I just shook them off.
  • 18:14:51: @Starmongoose I don't like the idea of ever breaking up with Amanda, but honestly, you lot have nothing to do with that one way or the other
  • 18:20:26: @PersonalNina not really. Read the @birdchick's blog for the history of our beekeeping world...
  • 18:36:32: We took four Ross Rounds of capped honeycomb, and one frame, which is currently draining into a bucket. The honey tastes like mint.
  • 18:50:02: @robcurrie it depends on the flowers.
  • 18:50:23: @DMentis we have an extractor, but for a pintof honey we're just using a bucket.
  • 18:51:53: @michelledeidre it tastes like the flowers it comes from. I suspect the bees in this hive have been dining on mint and catnip and such.
  • 18:56:19: "Monty Python and Philosophy - Nudge Nudge Think Think" and other bad, bad puns:
  • 19:14:14: @nessinha007 Many great philosophers have come adrift grappling with the concept of Nothing. Don't feel alone in not understanding it.
  • 20:48:12: When I linked to the Amanda Munny (& me) I forgot to give Brigid on Twitter. She's @skwerlgrrl. It's art, not for sale.
  • 20:51:49: Lots of you asking about "Mint". Honey tastes like flowers it comes from. Here it's much mint and catnip. 8 weeks ago it tasted like lilacs.
  • 20:54:39: @skwerlgrrl I know. It's just very odd to see oneself as a doll. Love the attenhtion to detail.
  • 20:55:37: @sfstagewalker it's down at the bottom of their list.

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