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Thursday, July 30, 2009

From Twitter 07-30-2009

  • 00:54:51: @naomihouser you can ask any questions you want. I don't have to answer any I don't want to.
  • 00:55:16: @clarekrmiller in the US? Probably about half a million so far.
  • 00:55:51: @thejillthompson I will hold you to that.
  • 00:57:38: @neverwear not around the tender ears of those young men, I hope.
  • 00:58:28: @Mysterious_Andy I don't think you get them. You have to make them, out of animals and snakes and thread and nightmares.
  • 01:03:40: @naomihouser I can never find my own car keys. I ask Lorraine. Probably she knows where your car keys are too.
  • 01:04:09: @naomihouser definitely one or the other, yes. Both doesn't work and I fall over. #2
  • 01:11:47: @naomihouser there is *nothing* stranger than the House on the Rock in this world. Giant replicas of the biggest cheese notwithstanding #3
  • 01:16:21: @naomihouser Kyle Cassidy sent me a mysterious box, padlocked. One day, I am told, someone will arrive with a key. Until then it's a mystery
  • 01:18:52: @marybellefleur er, my daughter is a decade younger than my girlfriend.
  • 01:25:02: DeliriumorDeathorMorpheusortheCorinthianorBastorSausages.
  • 01:34:14: @naomihouser I tried to answer AND cheat.
  • 01:37:08: Sorry if that was a bit random. I'm being "interviewed" by @naomihouser and forgot to put her name at the front of that last tweet.
  • 01:39:52: @naomihouser that's not an interview, that's art. I'm afraid we charge for art. #6
  • 02:19:40: @naomihouser that would be why. Tomorrow I'll look at the things you sent to someone else. Now work and sleep.
  • 02:45:16: @Evilnerfherder It doesn't really matter how good the fiction is. I need people who can send me their stories *and* the time to read it in.
  • 02:45:48: @Eerinas twitpic photos!
  • 02:47:45: Those lovable scamps @paulandstorm suggested I might want to do one of these in my woods. Oh yes. Oh so utterly yes.
  • 04:06:02: An old acquaintance asked me to say hello to Lou Preecy and wish her all the best for all the changes in September. And I owe him one. Voila
  • 04:26:40: @iGary97 I'm proud of you! There are lots more good books out there.
  • 04:53:28: Blog entry up: Doing a gloomy bear and other noises: posted by Neil The best bit of today was read..
  • 05:14:17: @JAMIECATTO the CDs and DVDs arrived Jamie! Will report back when I've heard them.
  • 12:40:51: @anneroo yes. @amandapalmer was the "EIght Foot Bride", and that's her in the photos, before she was even a Dresden Doll.
  • 14:23:59: @naomihouser "We can go for a walk? Yes? Now? Yes? Soon? Walk? Sigh. Okay, I'll sleep. Then walk? Yes?" #7
  • 14:26:12: @naomihouser #8. The answer to *any* question from a lady as to whether clothing makes her butt look big is "No". Fortunately, that doesn't.
  • 14:27:25: @naomihouser #10a the only answer to anything filmic from a writer is "I hope so".
  • 14:28:47: @naomihouser I think you should use them to Escape. Tie someone's hands with them and flee into the night. #6
  • 14:30:55: @naomihouser #10b. No. The Best Interview Ever will include ice cream. I am convinced of this and will wait forever if necessary.
  • 14:33:57: @peterstraubnyc you'll always be posthumous to me, Peter.
  • 14:36:01: RT @Richard_Kadrey: To repeat: You don't own what you own. RT @slashdot: "Don't Expect DRMed Music To Work Forever"
  • 14:52:15: @marybellefleur I've never actually called Security in real life.
  • 14:58:54: @bethofalltrades it's sort of useless if you don't stay in the same place all the time, isn't it?
  • 15:22:59: @bethshepsut The Golden Age Warren Ellis was the reason Bill Gaines was in the senatorial testifying shape he was #goldenagewarrenellis
  • 15:41:08: Not sure whether all the people wanting Sunbird crashing the #bpal server is a #neilwebfail or a #bpalwebfail. Sorry @bethshepsut
  • 15:45:29: Watching @bethofalltrades and @fabulouslorrain battle with GCal's time zone problems. Looks like we'll be having a mass exodus to iCal.
  • 16:19:43: Are you following @greygirlbeast? She is Caitlin Keirnan. She writes books and comics and knows about dinosaurs and squids.
  • 16:22:11: I meant that @greygirlbeast writes books about many things; and she knows about dinosaurs. But she knows other things too. Oh, Follow her.
  • 17:00:45: @zoecello what was I doing in the NY Times?
  • 17:05:39: Stressed out day: Phone, deadlines & poss identity theft. So I'm taking 30 mins off to put a bell-jar on a beehive.
  • 18:06:08: @amandapalmer wish I was there, love. #bodyfail
  • 18:08:46: The Beehive is Bell-Jarred. Also, many blueberries were picked (but not by me) and will now be eaten (some by me). 'sa good world.
  • 18:39:01: @sergimora I bought them from a man.
  • 18:49:21: @emilyrowan I wonder what EIBF does with unclaimed tickets before the events? Because there are always people who don't show.
  • 18:50:05: @Gogocasey02 no, only @amandapalmer is adorable. I am a grumpy author with strange hair and deadline problems.
  • 18:57:18: @naomihouser you never asked any, so we never found out.
  • 18:59:42: Blog entry up: Who Bells The Bees? With photos...: posted by Neil The day just got away from me, a..
  • 19:01:07: @amandapalmer if you haven't seen this already, it may make you smile.
  • 19:16:23: @birdchick they do not have them in the pics I linked to. Let us simply see what happens.
  • 19:21:32: @beeso are you sure? I just checked the links and they seem fine.
  • 19:40:13: NY Times reviews "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader" & Darwyn Cooke & David Mazuchelli. Again: they review comics!
  • 19:40:46: @beeso It may have just been taken down for a bit by the volume of people coming in. Works fine for me now.
  • 19:41:00: @nataliefisher that's the theory.
  • 20:02:04: @birdchick just looked at it again, and you are right. Hmm. We could do that. (How did they stick it?)
  • 20:02:30: @shoepixie yes.
  • 20:08:14: I mentioned this song yesterday. Here it is, so it can run through your head the next time you can't find your car:
  • 20:35:28: @naomihouser was this to me? Butter pecan, probably. Or Fennel.
  • 20:42:00: @heatherirish when I was young I was stung by a radioactive bee. Um.
  • 22:40:12: @naomihouser probably you read the answer to #9 and forgot it. Or dreamed you did.
  • 23:00:02: Blog entry up: BELLJAR Postscript: posted by Neil The Birdchick had looked at the photos of the be..
  • 23:08:43: @lady_morgan there's a hole: I took the roof-piece off. and yes, white GSD.
  • 23:31:01: @kimberkit we'll find out.

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